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July 4th 2012
Published: July 4th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Jokes. Today has been right boss. It started with an ace breakfast of meat and bread and eggs with optional cereal and 2 cups of tea. As I am staying in the Olympic stadium I thought I should really go up the viewing tower so got the lift 12 floors up. Wow, what a sight it was over Helsinki! I love having them owe moments! You could see right out to the sea and all the little islands as well as the cathedrals I visited yesterday. It looked like a boat was sailing over the houses!

I walked to town and got a ferry over to the island of Suomenlinna, a sea fortress that was used when Finland was part of Sweden and has basically been battered by several armys including the Russians and Anglo-French. Most of the fortress remains and it was jokes pretending to be tomb raider in the crumbling walls and old bunkers. I also went into a military museum and an actual submarine. The museum of the history of the island wasn't good though more so as I needed a wee and the upstairs part was about sea discovery and had trickling water for sound effects! Obviously I enjoyed a cuppa (not high or low enough to go on the tea price scale) and sat outside of the cafe on a hill in a park looking out over the Gulf of Finland. Another wow moment. I'd love to see it in winter, it's hard to believe in the 25 degree heat that the water actually freezes in winter!! I walked along the beach bit pretending I was incharge of the cannons (that are still there!) firing out to the boats appearing in the distance. This obviously makes me special... Oh, and they also had a church that was also a lighthouse!!

Conveniently the ferry stops off at the food market I was at yesterday! So it was time to eat Ruldoph! It was delightful! Really deep tasty meat. Potatoes and veg and garlic sauce (??) completed my well earned dinner.

Next I came back to the hostel as I knew there was a sauna nearby and apparently your experience of Helsinki isn't complete without one. Indeed there was just up the round, a spendid outdoor swimming pool (Simstadion, for the Olympics!). It was amazing! I did 12 lengths then tried some aquarunning which was feking hard so I only did 2 laps! I then went to the sauna and no costumes were allowed.... Oh my days it felt so liberating! English people would never have one of them. As much as I loved it it was ridiculously hot to the point I genuinely felt that my contact lenses might melt. I felt so good after so sat and watched the football.

Tomorrow I go back to Tallinn to get a coach to Riga. My ferry is at 7am so I have to get up early to get the tram and bus to the terminal (they best be on time). I best have a good sleep - there was loads of people pissing about last night with zips and getting into bed and it rattled me to the point I dreamt that one of them beggers from yesterday was trying to get in my bed!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!


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