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October 31st 2007
Published: October 31st 2007
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Maiju and I!!!!Maiju and I!!!!Maiju and I!!!!

look at those new boots!!! oh and SANDI!! thanks for knitting me that wonderful scarf!!! i love it!
It's Wednesday, so I got to sleep in today, but when I woke up it was sunny and a beautiful day, much to beautiful to spend in school, so I called Sylvia (kanadalainen) and we decided to go buy some new boots in Turku!!! It was a fabulous idea if I do say so myself, because we each only had 3 periods today and all the stores will be closed this weekend, and boots are imperative for this cold, wet weather, and neither of us had them!!! I ate breakfast with Henkka, then he went to school, and I showered and dressed for Turku! I rode my bike to the bus station and met Sylvia at her bus stop. When we got into Turku I lead us to the Alexsi 13 shop and we looked around. I have been boot shopping three times in the past three weeks and I had, had enough, I was on the verge of buying which ever ones fit first. We looked around and tried on many. I finally found some I liked and walked around in them for a while as Sylvia was looking around. I decided I would leave them at the desk with

the conductor is Maiju's theory teacher, and the leader of the Naantali music school.
my name, then come back after looking at all the other stores! Sylvia didn't find any there, so we headed to Andiamo (another shoe shop) and again we didn't find any. I was kind of expecting this result, since I had been searching before, but we decided to take a break from shoe shopping for a while and we went to the Finnish market and looked around. I tried some sort of Finnish fish bread and that was the end of that. HAHA! I decided to go back and buy the boots I had put on lay away, and we headed toward Hansa (mall). On the way I saw Jess (Aussi exchange student in our district) and introduced her to Sylvia, then we talked for 45 min or so, just standing outside, enjoying the sunny weather. We went to Spice n Ice next, and bought some ice cream...yum chocolate!!! We continued our search for shoes, and ended up at stockmann. Sylvia bought a nice pair of "unisex" CAT boots and we had conquered our quest. We each decided we were in the mood for some tortilla so we bought some chicken wraps from Hesburger and caught our bus back to

we took a picture of ourselves in the mirror!!!
Naantali. I was home by 4, and Henkka and Marru were both resting, so I went up stairs and got dressed up for tonight. Maiju and her mother (my music teacher) Sirkku picked me up around 6 and we drove to Turku. They brought me to the concert hall for an orchestra performance!!!! It was great! They played Mozart, and the first half was the orchestra WITH a grand pianist! I loved it! It was a charity event, so it was even MORE worth it! We had seats in the middle so we had a nice view! At intermission they served coffee, tea and cake, and unlike at home EVERYONE bought some! I had some sort of fruit mehu (juice) and cake. The religion and philosophy teacher from our school was also there with Sirkku, and I talked with her a bit. It was a great concert, and on the way home Maiju and I listened to good music on my ipod! What a day!!! (have to sleep. have to sleep have to sleep!!! GOOD NIGHT!!)


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