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October 7th 2007
Published: October 14th 2007
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It is Friday, Finally. So its been test week this past week and everyone has been so stressed. I didn't get to see ANY of my friends the ENTIRE test week because they were all home reading and studying the entire week! They would go into school for one test in the morning, then come home and read the entire text book for the next test! So finally the week is over and everyone is excited and happy and care free! Oh, and thank goodness it is over! I couldn't stand another week without all my friends!!!! So now we have our new 6 week class schedules and I went back to my OWN school this morning! It was great seeing everyone. They were all very happy the tests were over. I have a few new classes this 6 weeks. I have Geography, Drawing and Painting, Math, English 7, and the MUSICAL!!! Yay! Today I had Geograpy class the first two periods, and Maiju, Emma, and Toni Mahoney are in it with me! After Geo. I had Math with Sylvia and Jana, then one period of Drawing and Painting with Maiju and Lotta! When I got home I spent some time packing for my move to my new host family next week. Dorothee (a german exchange student from Rotary) is in my same Finnish class in Raisio and we have become pretty good friends so we decided to have a sleepover tonight so at around 6pm she called me saying she was at the bus station in Naantali, so I speedily (word?) rode my bike down there and met her! We hung out for a while in my room with Emma, talking, packing, and helping me wrap my new host families gifts. Leena called us down for dinner and we ate shrimp and muscles! They were very good. It reminded me of Emily (she LOVE muscles) and the shrimp still had their shells and it was a totally new experience for me, "de-shelling" them and eating them on toast like crab night! Erkki worked in germany for two years and he speaks German better then English so he was talking a lot with Dorothee!! After dinner we sauned and showered, then went to sleep early....because I have school tomorrow! ahh! Saturday school! EEEEKkk!!


14th October 2007

A new word
Sauned :D i think you've come up with a whole new word! :)

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