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September 30th 2007
Published: October 4th 2007
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I got off the train with Eddie today in Turku and he walked me to the bus stop. I got on but 42 and rode 5 minutes to the city center, where I met Ellen and Max. Ellen's host parents in Kaankaapaa were having a lot of family over so they sugested she stay with some friends this weekend. It was late notice and I was already expected in Loimaa, but i told her she could stay over Saturday night. Max had her over in Paimio Friday night, so it worked out great, meeting them in Turku! Ellen and I headed toward our bus back to Naantali. I stopped in the market place to buy Marru a gift. I bought Marru (Henri/Henkka's mother, my next host mother) a winter flower plant called Kanerva (I think Heather in English) for her husband's grave. He died of cancer eleven years ago and she plants beautiful flowers around his grave. It's near winter time and Kanerva are the only flower that bloom in the winter, a beautiful lavender, and she always plants them there. We ran to catch our bus with our sleepover bags bouncing behind us and me with my plant! We layed

onnellinen people!
on the bus on the way to Naantali and talked about randoms. Ellen had been partying in Paimio last night so she was beat. We got to Naantali around 2pm and walked home. We were both so tired we just dropped our bags at the bottom of the stairs, grabbed my laptop and some DVD's and went up stairs to sleep. I set up this AMAZING folding twin bed thing and we dragged it next to my bed, creating a very large bed. We put the computer inbetween our beds on this basketlike think that worked as a stand. We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and some of the "Creating High School Music 2" movie. We basically just layed around until dinner. Dinner was very good. Some kind of roast meat with lingdon berries, potatoes and carrots. After dinner Ellen and I went to sauna for an hour or so then showered and walked over to Henkka's to barrow a movie. We barrowed and watched Mona Lisa Smile (one of my favorites), Ellen had never seen it and she loved it. When it finished we went up stairs and fell asleep! Sunday: We woke up around 10am today and
antique/garage saleantique/garage saleantique/garage sale

or its an antique sale IN a garage!
Leena made us some scrambled eggs for breakfast. After eating we went up stairs and changed our clothes. Erkki watched the Formula1 race then we all grabbed a life jacked and walked down to the harbor. We took Erkki's boat to Marimasko and fueled it up, then we payed in the shop and Leena bought some makkara (sausage) and Fanta. On the way back to the boat we stopped at a kind of antique/garage sale thing and Leena bought a pretty glass plate. (she LOVES antiques). Then we boated to Vaski (Adventure Island!!! JOO JOO!!!) and Ellen and I walked around the path like Henkka and I had, playing on all the attractions! When we got back to the shore we made a fire and cooked our makkara! It was yummy! We hung around for a while exploring more while Erkki cleaned the boat. As Erkki was cleaning Leena, Ellen and I realized that Erkki might not take us back to the mainland because we would make his boat dirty, so we started planning what we would do if we were stranded on Adventure Island for a week. Leena would collect mushrooms (we saw some of those red ones with
oh yeahoh yeahoh yeah

they were for sale for 1 euro!
white spots...she wont collect those), I would bake bread with these wierd little wheat things I found growing in the water, and Ellen would share the last half of the bottle of Fanta. We had it all planned out, we would even have a sauna!! But, of course, Erkki took us back to the harbor! : ) Leena, Ellen, and I got off at the dock and Erkki went back out to check his fishing nets. We walked home and Ellen packed up her clothes. Ellen's host dad came and picked her up around 6pm then we ate dinner and saunaed!

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pretty mushroomspretty mushrooms
pretty mushrooms

but dont eat them! they are poisionous!
Leena! Leena!

hello lovely host mother!
by the wayby the way
by the way

the sun doesn't shine in finland.

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