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September 12th 2007
Published: September 18th 2007
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3rd years!3rd years!3rd years!

me before being attacked with lipstick
This morning at school I gave a few presentations to an English class in the Junior High. On my way to meet some friends in the media room I almost slipped on this big red carpet someone had layed down the middle of the hall. I pulled myself together then looked around. Almost everyone I saw was wearing a costume. There was royalty and pirates everywhere. Everyone was wearing crowns! The first person I recognized was Niko so I asked him what was going on; he told me it was TJ 100 Day. (of course I had no idea what that was) I was about to ask him what that meant but I was pulled in to a group of kids to get a picture taken. I got myself out of the mob near the door to the media center and went inside. Lotta was sitting on one of the famous red couches with “ABI” written on one cheek and a big heart on her other. Jere had written it on her with lipstick and she said I had just missed her getting duck taped to a chair!!! Dang! So finally I asked her what TJ 100 stands for! TJ 100 stands for Taanan Jaljella which means the third years (or seniors) have only 100 more days of school left before they graduate! The celebration is banned at school for obvious reasons but all the third years come to school dressed in costumes for their theme (royalty and pirates this year) any way. Henkka had red all over his face when he walked into the common room and so did Saija and Jori. Anssi, Henri, Maiju, and Aikka had somehow resisted! By the time the common room was full of kids everyone was covered in lipstick and marker! People were duck taped to the wall and to chairs; some first years were handcuffed to the computer tables and attacked with lipstick. It was mayhem…but everyone was having fun!!! (Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like bullying or anything! It was hilarious!) I was pretty excited to see everyone so outgoing and happy! As I walked out of the common room heading to my net class I was attacked by some third years and written all over! I had “ABI” on my forehead (ABI means “third years”), a heart on one cheek and “TJ 100” on the other. OH! And since I’m not technically a 2nd or 3rd grader they gave me a crown to wear! The day was filled with laughing teachers, colorful costumes, lipstick, ducktape and happy people!


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