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Europe » Finland » South Karelia » Lappeenranta July 6th 2018

Bonjour à tous, Je n’ai pas voulu mettre en titre échec Russie. Sans jeu de mots. J’ai 250 km pour me rendre à la frontière. Comme les matins précédents, temps couvert, pluie pas loin, rien ne change de côté là. Mais avant ça, comme je l’avais dit hier j’étais dans une station de ski, qui en fait est également le centre d’entraînement des fondeurs finlandais. Ils doivent recevoir des délégations étrangères, et ce matin des jeunes chinois. Habituellement j’ai la dent dure avec eux dû à leur comportement. Mais ce matin au petit-déjeuner, ces momes d’une quinzaine d’années, avaient un comportement exemplaire, polis, éduqués, remarquables. Rien à voir avec les parents. Peut après sont arrivés des finlandais dans les 10 ans, pareil mais en plus la discipline. Ça change des « petits sauvageons » français. Pour ... read more
Joensuu  l’église
Lauritsala Kirkko

Europe » Finland » South Karelia » Lappeenranta November 12th 2015

I booked a guided one-day tour to Lappeenranta via Orienta Tour website for 750 roubles. The procedure is very simple: you leave your name and phone on their website and they call you back to communicate the details. The money is paid on the bus. The departure was at 7-10 in the morning from Chernaya Rechka metro station. The majority of tourists embarked at Ploschad Vosstaniya which is the starting point for most excursions to Finland but I live near Ozerki metro station which is only two stations from Chernaya Rechka. The bus was new, comfortable and full with tourists. Actually, those were not tourists for the most part but people intending to buy food products and other goods in Lappeenranta’s supermarkets. Our attendants told us a lot about those supermarkets and even a wholesale supply ... read more

Europe » Finland » South Karelia » Lappeenranta August 18th 2013

This past weekend was very special. My host mother took me and Tino to Lappeenranta to visit their summer cottage, and to see her brother's family. The very hot sauna made the week very amazing. When we arrived to the cottage, you could see very many berries on the side of the road like mustikka. They weren't at their peak in the season, but still yummy! Swimming in the icy lake after a very hot sauna is the best feeling ever! Over this past weekend I have eaten a large amount of food. All of it very good! A delicious Makkara and nice sieni Canterelli sauce. Also I ate a very yummy lihapirakka only found in Lappeenranta! School is very nice and Im making more and more friends day after day. Finnish is coming along very ... read more

Europe » Finland » South Karelia » Lappeenranta January 19th 2008

So this journal entry is the beginning of my LONGEST week in Finland. I bussed (is that a word?) to Turku this morning at 8:20 and met Rick at his host grandmoters flat. We hung around the city at a couple coffee shops, then went to search for some jeans. We both got our "American hug fill" then chased the pidgions in the centrum. My host parents came by to pick me up at 12:35ish and the traveling began. It was snowing the entire ride to Helsinki, where we stopped at a Hesburger for lunch around 2. I almost the entire way (it was wonderful) then we arrived in Lappeenranta around 6. We drove to my Hanna Aiti's aunt and uncle's house, said hello, unloaded the car, then I went and put my snow pants on. ... read more
Falling Over
The most BEAUTIFUL...

Europe » Finland » South Karelia » Lappeenranta August 22nd 2007

Hei, Olen muuttanut taas takaisin kotimaahan! Oli haikeaa jättää hyvästit Darmstadtille ja siellä olleille kavereilleni, mutta samalla oli kiva tulla takaisin Suomeen. Seuraavat matkat teen siis taas Suomesta käsin. ****************************************************************************************************************** Hello, I have moved back to Finland! It was hard to say goodbye to my friends in Darmstadt but oddly at the same time it was nice to come back and see my friends and family in Finland. So next trips will be done from Finland. ... read more

Europe » Finland » South Karelia » Lappeenranta August 17th 2007

Finland, the land of a thousand lakes (at least) and forest. This was our second time there and this time round we went in summer. We flew Finnair from Heathrow and discovered they are affiliated with BA which meant long check in line and one lost suitcase on our arrival to Helsinki. Never had that happen before so it was with a sinking feeling we resigned ourselves to life without clothing and clutching our complimentary Finnair toiletries bags made our way to Budget. Another line awaited us there with pushy tourists and by 5pm we had finally got our hire car. With an estimated 4 hour drive we were keen to get going. Nick had no problems as usual with the right hand driving and there were barely any cars on the road which helps. Without ... read more
Boat in Savonlinna
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