Thu 02/26/09 (Day 26) - Wildlife Spotting

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February 26th 2009
Published: March 3rd 2009
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The only excitement today was Dave spotting a squirrel running up a tree on the way to eat our pea soup and pancakes at lunch today. This is our first legitimate wildlife sighting we've had, save for the pigeons back in Tampere. It was a dark brown squirrel with rather large and pointy ears. And it was sure hurrying to get up that tree; Finnish squirrel so maybe it has a sauna up there. You never know. After a wee bit of Googling, Dave has determined it was a Eurasian Red Squirrel. Sorry, we didn't get a picture, look it up.

After work we did chow again at the Opera Bar and Brasserie, Holiday Inn. Same routine: Snails because they're amazing, grilled goat cheese salad because I'm addicted and for main course I mixed it up... Risotto. Not as good as mine, but definitely edible. I also ventured out for dessert as Bubbles, our waitress, suggested I try Lappish Baked Cheese. In Finnish it's LeipƤjuusto, and I think in English it's more commonly known as Finnish Squeaky Cheese. That name is the truth; it squeaks when you chew it. It's served many ways, but I had it served baked with cream and cloudberry jam. It wasn't bad, not horribly good, but not bad; definitely different! I did find that it pairs well with sherry though 😉


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