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February 8th 2009
Published: February 27th 2009
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Boring picture, but you get the idea.
After last night let's just say I slept in and missed breakfast at the hotel. Finally getting up and rolling around noon I hit the streets looking for a barber. Remember I'd given up on the damned clippers. In my walking around Tampere I'd seen plenty of beauty shops, but nothing that looked like a truly straight male type of barber. I finally found one not far off the main drag in Tampere called "Paturi Only Male". It looked reasonable, but of course about everything is closed on Sundays and it's hours didn't fit with my work schedule so it'd have to be somewhere else or wait until next weekend. Who cares... It's time for food.

I found a place called "Sevilla" close to the hotel. Seems like a chain, but it's not bad... Mostly Spanish inspired. I just had a coffee and ordered "Best of the Grill" which consisted of sausages, chicken, beef and a garlic pork cutlet with some tasty potatoes. Not bad at all if you ask me.

On the way back to the hotel I stopped in a quickshop and bought some lotion. Wow, and I thought the "winter itch" was bad back in St Louis. I got lotion, not so cleverly called "Man Milk", and also some moisturizing soap for the shower. So I think I'll be back to normal next week with no more itching 😊 I think this is the perfect segway into a nap back at the room 😊

Later that evening Dave called to see if I wanted to wander out for dinner. Found a new place across the river somewhat close to the bus station near the city square. It was called Ravintola Astor. I chose one of their preselected menus: A warm goat cheese salad, pepper steak and strawberries with cognac sauce and vanilla ice cream. They love goat cheese here, you can find the goad cheese soup or warm goat cheese salads or goat cheese pasta at most restaurants. And they prepare it damned well. It seems like they throw it under the broiler as my salad was a nice bed of greens and other vegetables with a thick slice of goat cheese on top. The goat cheese was carmalized as if under a broiler. It was incredible. Let's just say everything was good, but that salad is most memorable. Went well with some kind of light Rhone the waiter picked out for me. Dave had the mushroom soup and perch as his main course. The mushroom soup, typically done with chanterelles, is another thing easily found here in Finland and I haven't had a bad one yet. Dave said the perch was excellent and that it was more like the lake perch he's used to instead of the less flavorful ocean perch.

Thus ends the first Finnish weekend of my trip. Not bad.


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