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February 6th 2009
Published: February 26th 2009
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No Gas For YouNo Gas For YouNo Gas For You

Their logo may be a thumbs up, but it was thumbs down to foreign credit cards.
Easy and short day at work today. The company we're here with had an employee appreciation event and were going to the theater in Tampere at night so most people left early. Dave and I took advantage of leaving early to try and make it home in time to make a weekly status telecon with St Louis. We didn't make it in time, and guess who's fault it was? Yes, the Prius again!

One of my biggest adventures so far is getting gas into the car. Leave it up to a hybrid to be tricky on taking gas. First the Prius has a hidden gas tank door opener button... And when you push it... There are lots of beeps, like you left the lights on or something? I don't F'n know... but it finally stopped beeping. After we figured out how to access the gas tank I was confronted with a friendly sign on the pump: "NO FOREIGN CREDIT CARDS." So I resorted to the 20 euros I had. Of course in the middle of this mess St Louis is calling cell phones asking where we were, if we were going to call into the meeting, etc. So we put

Complete with authentic Finnish show coming down.
the 20 euro in and pulled into a corner of the gas station to explain all our Prius woes to St Louis... And finally added that work was going well. That was sufficient for St Louis and we were on our way to the Holiday Inn.

Dinner was another adventure as we found a Viking Restaurant, complete with wild boar and giant stonewear mugs and plates. Huge chunks of meat served impaled on swords, lots of fur and excellent food. The excellent food included a bread that seems impervious to moisture, i.e. toast that will not soften! After 20 minutes of soaking in olive oil it was just as crispy as before it went in to the drink. More experimentation is necessary on this stuff, but the Finns may just have revolutionized the cereal industry. No more soggy Cinnamon Life.

No adventures Fri night though... Headed back to the room to finally get myself adjusted to Finn time.


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