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July 26th 2014
Published: August 9th 2014
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From Tromso to Lapland

Last weekend of July I say goodbye to the farm that hosted me for almost a month, for lovely Carles who hosted me and my friends from time to time and start moving from Tromso to Kilpisjarvi and further down to Enontekio (Lapland, Finnland). From here, I hitch-hike and then walk, didn’t know really where, just knew Hetta Husky farm (the one I’m supposed to volunteer at) is somewhere on one of the roads. Mosquitoes and midges were much worse in here than in Norway, so I just kept moving till finally got to the farm.

As the previous one, this farm was huge as well the main difference was that it’s based on huskies- 160 of them. Also expected me to be a strong Scottish man, people should definitely read my profile instead of guessing who am I from my name.

I didn’t expect myself to work with huskies much as I stayed there only for three days and guessed that one needs an experience to work with the dogs. But, apparently, it was vice versa and Anna (the owner) even tried to keep me more on tasks that would let me to enjoy a company of huskies (feeding, cleaning, training, and checking their health). Dogs were so well trained that I felt in love with them straightaway.

Apart from me, there were few of other volunteers staying in the farm – all lovely English people, who taught me everything they knew (as they are staying in the arm for at least 3 months already). Absolutely another place on my list to come back, probably at the same time when coming back to Tromso.

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