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Europe » Faroe Islands » Streymoy July 13th 2014

Faroe Islands - 11-13 July We arrived at Torshavn, on Streymoy Island, the largest of the 18 islands making up the archipelago of the Foroe Islands, at 3.00am. The ferry system is an incredibly well oiled machine. We drove into the town, found a car park and woke up at 8.00am. I love the convenience of the motor home. We drove back into town centre which is 2 streets away from the harbour, and visited the Tourist Information Centre. We came out with a great map of all the islands (as GPS data is not yet available for these islands), fantastic info on where best to go, and tickets for the boat trip to see the grottos and bird cliffs at Vestmanna on the west coast of Streymoy Island. The guy is the tourist office was ... read more
Tom concentrating on the Bird cliffs & Grottos near Vestmanna
Bird cliffs & Grottos near Vestmanna on Streymoy Island in the Faroe Islands (9)
Across Eysturoy in Faroe Islands

Europe » Faroe Islands » Streymoy July 13th 2014

Day 3 and departure day We woke to sunshine...hooray! We said our goodbyes to the GB group who were also parked the same spot as we were at Skala. We then crossed back over the bridge between the 2 large islands and travelled along the east coast of Sreymoy Island to see the Fossa waterfall, up close and personal. That was pretty good. We then drove to a little village at the northern tip of Streymoy - Tjornuvik and had lunch. There were a couple of children having a swim in the fjord - how could they!!!! It was freezing!!! Good on them. We then drove back to Torshavn and visited the Nordic House which is the main cultural institution on the islands. A Faroese member of the Nordic Council, raised the idea of a Nordic ... read more
Torshavn Harbour on Streymoy Island of Faroe Islands
Faroe Island number plate
Torshavn on Streymoy Island of Faroe Islands (4)

Europe » Faroe Islands » Streymoy August 24th 2012

We seem to possess a certain proclivity to be present at opportune moments. In other words, sometimes we just step in it. Our arrival and check in at the domestic airport in Reykjavik went uneventfully. Next, the boarding processes had us ready to venture to the Faroe Islands for some more exploring. At the gate, there was a slight delay due to the weather and the next thing we know, a gentleman breaks out his guitar and starts kicking out a few tunes. Nice strumming and an equally nice voice. And wouldn’t you know it, he was one of the musicians that was in town from the Faroe Islands for Cultural Night in Reykjavik. Wait…it gets better. Turns out that he is quite famous in the Faroes and most of the crowd knew all of his ... read more
Mysterious & Amazing
Home cooked meal
The Puffin Dance

Europe » Faroe Islands » Streymoy August 14th 2008

Yes, we ended up at the Faroe Islands this year! I've been wanting to go here for quite some time, and then the occasion turned up to take the ferry from Bergen in Norway, so here we are. Today we mounted Satan. Actually, we went up the mountain Sátan, close to Leynar on Streymoy, the biggest of the Faroe islands. It's almost 666 meters high, and starting from sea level as we did, we had to climb every darn metre. But we conquered Sátan, while fending off his horned, evil, dark minions. But the day actually began with the bus to Vestmanna, which is actually named after people from the British Isles (people from Scandinavia were called Easterners). There, we bought tickets for a boat trip to the caves and mountains on the west side of ... read more
Our neighbours
Faroese magic

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