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Europe » Estonia » Narva April 11th 2019

Tampereelta Narvaan 12 tunnissa. Lähdin kotoa klo 8.30. Ehdin hyvissä ajoin linja-autoasemalle. Bussi Helsinkiin klo 9.30 - 11.15. Ratikalla Länsiterminaaliin. Laivalla Tallinnaan klo 13.30 - 15.00. Kaupunkibussilla linja-autoasemalle. Kerkesin syödä aterian. Bussi Narvaan klo 17.00 - 20.15. Narvaan matkustin treenaamaan venäjää. Booking.comin kautta olin varannut asunnon, jonka omistaja puhui vain venäjää. Etukäteen arvosteluista selvisi että asunnossa vesi lämmitetään kaasulla. Siksi Selvitin kuinka lämmitys toimii ja mihin avaimet jätetään. Jätin lämmityksen päälle. Kävin ostamassa lähikaupasta ruokaa. Söin lähiravintolassa vielä sienikeiton. ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn February 7th 2019

My final day in Tallinn had arrived. I had been undecided about going to the KGB museum as it was rather expensive and the reviews online weren't too good. However, since it was winter and a lot of the tours that I had wanted to do out of the city weren't running, I felt that I could now justify the cost. The tour has to be booked and paid for in advance online. There are only two daily option in English and I went for the morning one at 11 am. Since I had some time before the tour, I went for a walk up Toompea as we had been there on the walking tour and I wanted to go back by myself. I took the direct route from my hostel and on the way I ... read more
Johan Pitka
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Toompea Castle

Europe » Estonia » Lääne-Virumaa February 6th 2019

The tour met at 10 in front of the tourist information centre. I totally scored on this tour as there were only two of us. Two more people were meant to join but they never turned up. I was rather happy that there were only two of us, as it would feel like a private tour but without the price tag of one. Our guide was really nice and told us a few things about the itinerary before we set off. We left the city and drove for a while into the suburbs. It kind of reminded me a little of my trip to North Korea, the soviet era apartment blocks, however there was a lot more traffic on the roads and advertisements for products that were familiar. We headed further away from the towns on ... read more
Jagala Waterfall
Jagala Waterfall
Jagala Waterfall

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn February 5th 2019

I can't decide whether I like that nothing seems to open until 10 am here. It does mean that I can get some extra sleep and take my time getting ready, but I also feel like if things were open earlier, I could see and do more each day. After a leisurely breakfast, I headed to the Old Town. I wanted to go to the Tallinn City Museum, but since it didn't open until 10 am I had to take my time on the walk. I had a bit of a walk around taking some pictures. Everything was covered with a light dusting of snow making it look really pretty. I wandered down a few backstreets, too, and found a really cute little alleyway. It was also home to 14-15th century tombstones from St. Catherine's Dominican ... read more
Freedom Square
Freedom Square
Old Town

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn February 4th 2019

I was going to take the tram from a stop that was apparently nearer to the hostel, but after speaking to the receptionist, I decided to head to the central station as there would be no ticket machine at the other stop. I trudge up to the station and when I tried to use the ticket machine I found out that it was card only, great! Then my card wouldn't work on the machine. Seriously, could anything else go wrong this morning. I headed into the station and found a convenience store that sold tickets, 2.90 euros, and then made my way back outside. I only had to wait couple of minutes for the tram and it was heaving when I got on. Monday morning rush hour in Helsinki. The journey to the ferry terminal took ... read more
Town Hall Square
Side Street
Town Hall

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 29th 2018

This morning we will take a ferry across the Gulf of Finland to end this tour where it began, in Helsinki, Finland. Right now we are in gorgeous Tallinn, Estonia, the last of the three capital cities of the Baltic States. Heading in to this trip, fifteen days sounded like almost enough time to explore this part of the world, but, as usual, and of course, it is not. I especially need to go back to Lithuania, to see more of that little country and to try to find the town that is named after my family (or vice versa). My last name was made up by my father; unfortunately he - or someone else - chose a confusing to spell, abrupt name that sounds as if we are German, but we are not German at ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 5th 2018

We arrived in Tallinn as we were breakfasting in La Travazza - our favourite breakfast spot. We were off on a tour at 9am. After walking down the long pier we were directed to the old beaten up green bus, incongruous with the sleek modern white coaches. This was our Soviet Flashback tour with a local tour guide, Comrade Jerjomin, dressed as a Russian military man. The bus was kept locked until all of us had assembled (about 14 of us, in the early morning drizzle - thank heavens for waterproof jackets) and we were told to form one line, tell him which country we were from, for he was “looking for a spy amongst us, comrades” and then marched around the outside of the bus. We then filed inside the 1991 bus (1960s model) and ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 29th 2018

We spent our last day in Tallinn on a medieval walking tour of the lower part of Tallin with our two tour guides dressed in medieval garb. The tour took us around some of the most important medieval sites around old town Tallin and gave us a great insight into the towns history and boom to bust fortunes. One great story was of the Danish Conquerer who constructed the first castle overlooking Tallinn who was captured in his sleep, killed due to debts he owed and body placed in the St Catherines church cellar where it was forgotten. More than 100 years later, someone opened the cellar and found his perfectly preserved body and so Tallin’s first tourist attraction was born - people would travel from all around Europe to view his body and poke his ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 28th 2018

We started our second day in Tallinn with a 2 hour free walking tour around the Old Town which started in Independence Square where we received a rundown on Estonian Customs and history which was very relevant to where we were standing as it is the centenary of Estonian Independence (1918-2018) even though that first independence would only last 1 day. Estonia has however enjoyed 27 years of independence since the fall of the iron curtain in 1991 however we were left with the impression that the multiple conquests over the last 600 years by the Fins, Swedes, Russians, Germans etc have left their mark on the country’s 1.3 million inhabitants in 2018. From independence square, we walked up into the Toone area of Tallin visiting the old town wall and towers and hearing about the ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 27th 2018

After our high paced tour of St Petersburg, it was good to relax in our Princess Anastasia cabin for 18 hours as we travelled to Helsinki (arriving at 7:30 am) and then onto Tallinn in Estonia arriving at 12:00 pm. We had priority exit so we were whisked through Estonian customs at 12:30 pm and walked with our luggage around 1 km through the twisted cobblestoned streets of Old Town Tallinn. After checking into our Hotel on Munga Sreet we wen exploring the medieval town of Tallin. Old Town Tallinn remains untouched with most of the buildings dating back to 14th and 15th centuries. Many parts of the original Old town wall are still standing but there is only a 320 meter section that people can walk on top of with the remainder of the wall ... read more

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