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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 27th 2005

We arrived in Tallinn at 5.40am morning of the 25th after a nightmarish overnight bus journey from St. Petersburg. It wouldn't have been so bad except for the border crossing, one for exiting Russia and one for entering Estonia. You think leaving a country would be easy crossing the border out of Russia was quite a big ordeal. 2am in the morning we all have to get off the bus, take our rucksacks,bags etc and got through immigration which took ages and then through customs which took another hour or so. After boarding the bus again finally we travelled through no mans land for about 20mins and then hit the Estonia border and had to repeat the process again. After a local bus ride which we thought would take us into the old town but took ... read more
Me, Mam, Dad and Dave
Gareth and Dave
Peter the great Palace

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 22nd 2005

hi guys, made it to tallinn and was a little surprised by how expensive everything is here. the room that i am staying in costs more than my room in edinburgh and its not nearly as nice. Truth be told i haven't done too much sightseeing here in Tallinn. I have just walked around the old town center which is really nice and tried not to eat because i haven't found a grocery store to buy food at. Last night i was walking down the street with my redsox hat on and a guy stopped me and asked me if i was from boston, i said no but i like the sox and he invited me to sit down and have a beer with him. one beer ended up being a meal at a nice resturant ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 24th 2005

For any city to be compared favourably to Prague must be complementary. However Estonia's delightful capital falls short in two areas; there is no view as spectacularly romantic as the nighttime vista of the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge - the most beautiful view in any European city I have visited.; tthe other area in which Tallin appears lacking is the atmospheric smoking dungeon bars full of old and ond-style locals, drinking beer and eating plates of meat and lard. In contrast Tallin is almost too cool, too chic, maybe perhaps a little too Scandinavian ? The medieval old town, in which we stayed, is World Heritage listed and comprises winding cobbled streets, spired churches, hidden courtyards and the impressive Russian orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral atop the Tomppea Hill. the original castle fortess where Tallin was ... read more
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Toompea
The fattest dancers in the world, apparently
Whose in the (Brau)haus?

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn March 25th 2005

In a period in which my ongoing travel plans seemed to be coming together in a regular and rewarding fashion, I contemplated a choice of destination for a 4-night long European city break in some depth, and, shunning more obvious choices, settled on the Estonian capital city of Tallinn as a place I decided to visit over the Easter period in 2005. The flight took me via the Finnish capital city of Helsinki, only to be greeted at the end of the line with a waylaid suitcase I had to claim for, so that it could be ferried along to the hotel Mihkli in Tallinn the following morning. A few brief glances around me revealed Tallinn to be very much an up-and-coming destination, full of casinos, bars, restaurants, shopping areas, traditional buildings, and yet more casinos, ... read more
Town Hall

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 19th 2004

What a nice afternoon! Sitting in the main square having a couple cold 'Sako' beers. Very nice day. Make sure you bring your jacket for when the sun goes down. I stayed at the Domina City Hotel ( What a GRAND PLACE! Outstanding rooms, reasonable price, good food/bar and high speed wireless internet! Just around the corner from Pegasus (, multi-floor establishment. I did most of my report writing for work there ;) over a couple beers. Good club music too!... read more
PanoView from the castle
Niguliste Museum-Concert Hall
Angry -but- Historic Display

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 2nd 2004

Tallinn, one of my favorite cities in the world! And I really only saw the old city. Way too cool nonetheless. The best ‘old city’ experience in Europe. Everything is straightforward, the city is clean, the people nice and the whole thing takes 25 minutes to walk across. Not really cheap, but still cheap. That is, if you stay in the youth hostel down the stairs from the strip club. The location in terms of proximity to other parts of the old city was nice. For food, don’t even think about going to Tallinn without a visit to the Old Hansa. One of the coolest dining experiences of my life! Ok, so I travel more than I eat out. I’m a college student. Still, really fun place to step back into medieval Estonia, complete with live ... read more
A kick in *** anybody?
Orthodox Church
Inside of Orthodox Church

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 2nd 2004

Geo: 59.4392, 24.7586... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 31st 2003

The ship is a little bit worn down. Seems ok though, should manage not to sink at least for one more time on its route between Tallinn and Stockholm. Equipped with most facilities - bar, casino, nightclub, sauna, pool, stores, restaurant, sitting lounge - as slightly more modern ships, it appears to be a safe ride. Concerns arise when listening to the rigorous safety instructions, more detailed than those of any given airline. Why do we need to know that the car deck is super-waterproof? Shouldn't that be pretty obvious? Then the memories go back to the fall of 1994. Estonia. One of the biggest maritime disasters in history. Only slightly less catastrophical than that of Titanic. The teenage girls in the sitting lounge certainly act as if this would be their last journey. Apparently they ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 17th 2003

A fast ferry ride away from Helsinki is Tallinn. Capital of Estonia. The city has two faces. Move away from the city center and you see concrete blocks of houses, old Soviet style. Stay in the old town, and you find yourself in a medieval city. I prefer the latter, so frolic around on the cobble stoned streets along the old city wall. On the top of a hill stands the Alexandr Nevsky cathedral. It’s magnificent. The hike up is worth it. But, after all it’s just a building, and my time is limited. So I head back down to the old narrow streets and squares. The summery weather probably helps, but it’s difficult not to like the place. On one of the small and crowded squares two teenage girls dressed in medieval clothes are standing ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 17th 2003

I had no idea what to expect of Tallin. I had seen a few images in the magazine that I got from the consulate, and a couple browsing in book shops. What I found in reality has blown me away. A friendly beautiful city, full of churches, a vibrant nightlife and cheap though rising prices. I recommend getting here as quickly as possible before it becomes expensive. The old town - where I have spent all my time so far is a very compact, hilly and windy charming area. It abounds with bars and cafes, and to be honest lots of tourists. I can't tell where most are from but I think predominantly German and Scandinavian. All around the city, the once boarded up and battered buildings are being restored to what must have been their ... read more
Domed Cathederal
Inside the Domed Cathederal
Beautiful Streets

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