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July 28th 2011
Published: July 28th 2011
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Things had been pretty smooth sailing on this voyage so far, Copenhagen was full of rain but I managed to find some bacon, Stockholm was full of gorgeous people and thanks to Helsinki Im not getting any christmas presents this year as I ate Rudolph (for the record, try him with lingedenberry jam and its really good).
We arrived in St Petersburg for our overnight which meant cue partying that night as no-one had to steer the ship or prep anything for the next day. The problem started the morning after when during lighting maintence and the stage (well, I say stage, I was 25ft up in the gantry) I suddenly felt ill and had to be taken to the medical centre. Sure enough it was Norovirus which means 24hours quarentine. While this sounds fun and all (your allowed your laptop for dvds/games) it was one of the worst nights sleep Iv had on board. I know it sounds sad to make a list of everything wrong with a room, but during the 4 hours I was trying to get to sleep it was the only thing to do so here we go -
Broken clock that ticks when it wants to at different volumes and never tells the right time
Bed thats too short for anyone over 5ft 9
Vibrating bed even when the ship was stationary
Not enough food to please a rabbitt
No smoking facilities (non smokers wont understand but trust me my first one this morning felt amazing)
Aircon on full blast which produces alot of noise which cant be turned down, unlike the ones in crew cabins that can be turned up or down
Quite a rude night nurse. Correct me if Im wrong, but the point of having a nurse call button is surely to attract the attention of someone if something is wrong, and after 4 hours of going mad trying to sleep/shuttup the aircon/starve of no food I figured it would be ok to press it. An hour later no-one had turned up so I rang the medical number from the phone and the woman agreed she would get the nurse to contact me. Now, the day nurse is someone called Jill who Iv been out to see cities with, shes really nice and we get on quite well, the night nurse took massive offence to me waking her up. Aparently her sleep is the most important thing on the ship, not the comfort of her patients. At 2.30am I didnt really appreciate being half sarcastically told 'do you want me to ring room service for you? Although then I would have to stay awake untill they got here to open the door'. As tempted as I was to order 3 lobsters and a bottle of wine, I resisted. Eventually, after a 'heated discussion' she went to get me some juice and cookies. When she came back in I tried to patch things up by saying 'thankyou and im sorry for waking you up, normally Im a really nice person but this room is sending me abit crazy' to which I got 'by pressing the call button youv probably woken the day nurse aswell'. Ooohhhhh, so they are fake call buttons yes? Your not meant to press them, your meant to feel like shit all night, how did I not know that? And if I had woken Jill up she would have done something about it an hour before hand when I first pressed it.
Needless to say unless my arm drops off I wont be spending another night in there. Although I feel the need to find out why Jill says on her night shifts she watches films all night incase anyone needs her and doesnt goto sleep.

Anyways, rants over, and thanks to everyone in there (yes including the night nurse) I feel alot better this morning. No idea when anyone out of my department is as they all got off before I was released, but Im sure they will turn up and Iv seen Tallinn before anyways.
Zeebrugge is our next call before we get back to southampton to then go off to Greece and Venice, so good weather here we come :D


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