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June 10th 2011
Published: July 28th 2011
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Enjoy the puppetsEnjoy the puppetsEnjoy the puppets

There are hundreds in the museum.

Puppets, all kinds of puppets.

One of the last things we did in Tallinn was to visit their puppet museum. Nancy's good English student, "V", in Prague is a Master Puppeteer. So she really wanted to see this museum and take pictures to show him.

We first found out there was a puppet museum when we saw a 'Rube Goldberg' device in one of the show windows of the museum. It does all it's fantastic moves once an hour and we happened to walk past at the right time. We were quite hungry for lunch and were on our way to a really interesting African restaurant. We ate first and then returned to enjoy a fascinating trip through the magic world of puppetry. As much as we enjoyed it we are sure any child would be even more delighted. There were clips of hundreds of puppet shows available to view in the first area and then case after case of lovely, or funny, or cute or scary or just plain interesting puppets through at least three floors of this building. There is also a theater inside the building which has live puppet shows on a regular schedule. We

were fascinated shortly after we left the museum with an actress attached in some way to the museum who was high on a wall doing little dances and then mimes to draw attention to the fact that there would be a puppet show later that day in the theater. This is a good museum and worth your time and money to enjoy.

Sadly travelblog makes it hard now for you to see ALL the photos we have uploaded. After you read this scroll down about two screens and you will find some more really interesting pictures from the musum.

Additional photos below
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Big headBig head
Big head

I love his face!

Ready for a show.
Puppet theaterPuppet theater
Puppet theater

Like the REAL thing.
Puppet stagePuppet stage
Puppet stage

Realistic set.
Russian puppet?Russian puppet?
Russian puppet?

Another wild guess
Javan puppet?Javan puppet?
Javan puppet?

We tried to guess but didn't know.
Puppet stagePuppet stage
Puppet stage

Very elaborate stage with many parts to adjust for a show.
Big FriendsBig Friends
Big Friends

Nancy- 5' 3" Puppet?
Puppet workshopPuppet workshop
Puppet workshop

Watch things being made!
Stage PropStage Prop
Stage Prop

Watch your TV or some future stage production for two of these fierce animals being sculpted the day we visited the museum.
Stage PropsStage Props
Stage Props

Sculptor working on props for puppet show

28th July 2011

Tallinn Puppets
I LOVE THEM! These puppets are great! The Lord has blessed both of you, how exciting to see and be a part of so many different things BLESSED!

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