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Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Muhu June 26th 2015

Biked 57 miles today for a total of 260 miles. Woke up to partly sunny skies with a brisk wind out of the Southwest, which provided a nice tailwind all day. Did not have to deal with rain until we were safely secured at our next stop on Muhu Island. We made our way out of Kuressaare along the east coast of Saaremaa Island. We stopped at Piret's boulder along the way. Had lunch in Orissaare . Crossed the earthen bridge that links Saaremaa and Muhu islands. We flew across this as the wind blew with gusto. Briefly visited a windmill on the far side of the bridge called Eemu. Pam bought a wooden carved spatula here. Later we stopped at the Hellamaa Orthodox, built in 1864, and graveyard. Very shortly after we arrived at our ... read more
Saaremaa Island map and Pam
Land bridge between Saaremaa and Muhu islands
Smoldering embers from Midsummer party

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare June 25th 2015

Today we biked 33 miles for a total of 203 miles. Woke up to cool overcast skies, but no rain all day. Became blustery later in early afternoon. Last night over dinner we all talked about Gary's ankle getting a bit of a rest. So he and Bobbie decided to head to Muhu Island instead of going to the South end of Saaramaa Island and then to Muhu Island. Pam and I will still go to Kuresssare and spend the night. The next day we will meet them on Muhu Island. We had breakfast together in the town of Oitme and then went our separate ways. It was very cool day and on into the night. We had a strong head wind the whole way. We did pass through rural areas of Saaremaa Island with lots ... read more
Pam, Bobbie and Terry obligatory selfie (crooked)
One of my views for some of the day

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare June 26th 2014

Next on the schedule for the OCC rally was a dinner in Tallinn, Estonia on June 27th so we had a few days to make it up there from Liepaja, Latvia. We left Liepaja at 7AM on June 21stand headed to the town of Kuressaare in Estonia on the island of Saaremaa. It was a very uneventful motor sail with time to enjoy the scenery and the beautiful cloud formations, and the sunset and sunrise as we didn’t arrive until 5:20AM the next day. The Roomassaare marina we stayed at was a little distance from the town of Kuressaare so we shared a taxi with another couple and went into town to explore. In the early 13th century Danes invaded northern Estonia and founded the city of Tallinn in 1219, but later sold it to the ... read more
And These
The Baltic Sea Can Be Calm As This At Times
The Coast Is Much Different Here

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa August 16th 2013

Yesterday I got to the island of Saaremaa from Tallinn via a bus and a ferry. The journey was particularly uncomfortable as I had had a rather heavy night preceding it where I didn't get to bed until after 6am. I had gone with people from the hostel to a Australian backpackers bar (uncultured I know but hearing Aussie music was ridiculously comforting) then to a bar, popular for locals and tourists, called Labour where drinks were served in test tubes and beakers and named after chemicals and things. I’m not sure where the time went but I think I spent a good hour having a political debate. Anyway I somehow managed to get up at 8:30 and in still in last night’s clothes got to the bus stop where I about an hour before a ... read more
Aww Dimoo

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa June 18th 2012

June 18, my birthday trip to Saaremaa The strong winds and rainy weather that challenged Heli's plans had subsided and we woke to brilliant sunshine for our one hour drive to Virtsu to catch the ferry to the little island of Muhumaa, or Muhu, "the island where time rests." Heli planned a very special three day trip on the islands of Muhu, Saaremaa and Abruka with Dave, her grandson Markus and me to celebrate my birthday and introduce us to the wonders of Estonia. The road to the ferry was nearly empty of cars and the countryside was mostly unoccupied forest with an occasional farmhouse. About 45 minutes north of Parnu the road widened to double the width for about a mile. Heli told us that during Soviet times this strip of road was used as ... read more
Lunch at Vanatoa Guesthouse on Muhu Island
18th century windmills at Angla on Saaremaa Island
Limestone cliffs at Panga Pang, Saaremaa

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare September 13th 2011

An diesem Tag bin ich von Tallinn nach Kuressaare auf der Insel Saremaa gefahren. Dort gibt es eine schöne Burg. Leider hatte sie geschlossen.... read more
Burg Kuressaare.
Burg Kuressaare.
Fahrt nach Saaremaa.

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare May 23rd 2011

Well, it's been a few days now since I last wrote and i can say i have finally got some kilometers under the belt (and in my legs). Yay! But not today. Four days of riding, a little bit of rain and already I'm calling a rest day. Not bad eh? But first, the nightmare that was trying to get out of Tallinn. As you know, not the most adept at map reading but... to say I was lost was an understatement. In my defence though I will add that the bike paths do not follow the roads as such and so I managed to get completely off track. I think I found the right road after some 10km of cycling aimlessly in circles. But once out, well what a relief. I had hoped to make ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare July 7th 2010

July 6 - I didn't get to sleep until 12:30am or so last night, and got up this morning at 6am. I so need more sleep. I got everything together and had breakfast and then got on my way. I had to go to the train station to get the tram to the bus station. I asked someone if this was the right tram to get to the bus station but he didn't speak English. Luckily another man told me it was right and he was going there, so I could just follow him. It turns out he is a priest who used to work in the place where I was going. Anyway, he did get me where I was going. I was able to get a ticket for the 7:50am bus to Kurassaare on the ... read more
My hostel
View from my room window
Castle plan

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare August 24th 2009

so this was Kuressaare on the full second day - with sunshine, after day of arrival when I ended up rreading my book and then spending the rest of the evening in the Vinoteek (see separate bibulous account) - Barbara said I thought was A. A. Milne - had to Wikipedia that one, as I thought he was the bloke who wrote Winnie the Pooh and other stories (or maybe he did that AND wrote about food for the Sunday Times!). Anyway finally down to the Kuressaare Bishop's Palace marked on the map attached generally as Vallekraav - it does not always appear to be there - you will likely have to click on the hypertext link above with map name which will take you to the map - it is about the only real attraction ... read more
Kuressaare Castle 2-roof turret
Kuressaare Castle roof walk-turret view
Kuressaare Castle 3-outer tower

Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare August 23rd 2009

I am now on Saaremaa island the largest in Estonia - in a place called Kuressaare, which is the biggest town here - but we are only talking about 11,000 people so WAY smaller than anywhere else I have been. It was quite a surprise to come somewhere so small. However I was ale to use my initiative and found a pretty reasonable hotel not mentioned in the LP (Lonely Planet) the Arabella which was only 500Eek (thats Estonian krons - about 9 to Aussie dollar - so that was pretty reasonable. The bus ride to Kuressaare is about 4 hrs (incl. 30mins or so for the ferry crossing to the island) from Tallinn and I got here around 4pm yesterday. I was a little worried about it being the weekend and no booking but it ... read more

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