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May 23rd 2009
Published: May 23rd 2009
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so many snailsso many snailsso many snails

along the road I live on, sort of, there are so many of them!
I know that this entry is much too late, however here it is.
Ever since I moved from my last host families’ house (which is about two months ago now), I have been so busy. More than I can believe, still, has happened. Here are a few pictures of my new host families’ house. It is a cabin and is real wood. There are four rooms, a sauna, two bathrooms, and a television room as well. They have an old dog named Rolli and a cat (who is younger than the dog, yet not by much) named Otto. Everyone just calls him kass (cat in Estonian). The house is in a village about ten kilometres from Kuressaare so if I go, I go by car or I take a half hour bike ride there.
My host dad’s name is Mati and my host mum’s name is Marika. They have children, and both (son and daughter) live in Tallinn. I stayed in my host brother’s apartment with his wife one time in Tallinn. It was great to get taken around the city by natives, to get to see not just the tourist side of town.
There is an old manor down the street, about five minutes away by bike. They are just ruins now, yet really great site to see. Also, there happens to be a bay not far away either. My host dad and I went fishing in it already (so I just watched and learned this time, yet next time will be more hands on)! The water is fantastic too; it may not be as warm as California, yet I am pretty far north too.
School is technically out for me so I am just lounging around at the moment. Reading so much of course, studying Estonian, going to the city to see friends, watch a movie at the dance club that doubles as a movie theatre, play with the cat or dog, and cook and eat. I go down to the bay quite a bit too yet lately it has been really rainy so it is really cold as well. Honestly there are many more things to do here than in the city so I like it better. If I want to go to the city, it isn’t too far away to just hop on the bike either.
My host mum doesn’t speak almost any English so it has
April showersApril showersApril showers

bring May flowers... and make everything reaaaally green
really tested me. Estonian is supposedly one of the hardest languages in the world (Finnish is just a tad bit harder), so it is interesting to think that I don’t have to think about how to answer some questions people ask me now. It has been so splendid speaking only Estonian with my host family now. Kind of like a three month test or last ditch effort to cram in all I know.
The tiny village I live in now though is called Muratsi and is practically in a forest and then has the bay not far away. My new host house proves to be really quaint and comfortable. I am really enjoying my time (what is left of it) in Muratsi!

Additional photos below
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nice sitting rocknice sitting rock
nice sitting rock

and some other green grass
Rolli and OttoRolli and Otto
Rolli and Otto

host cat and dog
Estonian flagEstonian flag
Estonian flag

every house has a flag
here is the three car garagehere is the three car garage
here is the three car garage

and then on top of it is another room with huge couches and a very nice television- great to watch football on!
sailing for adventuresailing for adventure
sailing for adventure

on the big blue wet thing
house in the backgroundhouse in the background
house in the background

mostly just water and clouds

23rd May 2009

:D That sounds awesome! Congrats Byrk! Yay xD your Estonian got better<3 oh and school let out? What are your plans for summer? 0=
24th May 2009

WOW all of that looks really great Baby-B!!:)

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