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May 23rd 2009
Published: May 23rd 2009
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what the counter looked like before it was attaked by some teenagers!
Mexican food night was an adventure. It was held in a dorm that is on the school grounds so everyone that came had an easy place to get to. Then my friend Pille-Riin and I started with making rice krispy treats (not Mexican food I know, yet it was technically dessert). When we had that set up, then we started making burritos, and lastly nachos with meat. I found (no idea how yet I managed) some cheddar cheese in the stores, tortillas (which the Estonians pronounce like tortillas instead of the double L sounds), tortilla chips, beans, and some minced meat.
The nachos were the best seller there. One friend was actually really scared to try the burritos. I told her just to try it, and she eventually did. Liked it too fortunately. Even though the burritos turned out the best (because the rice krispies were really hard, and I burnt the nachos just a tad bit), my friends like the nachos the best: least spooky out of the bunch. The entertainment was listening to each other sing Eurovision songs and dance a bit even. Then we all laughed at how “crazy” American Mexican food is… aka delicious.
All in all,
so curiousso curiousso curious

they didn't really know what it all was
it went successfully! We all had a brilliant time.

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one friend making one friend making
one friend making

Rice krispy treats
rice krispyrice krispy
rice krispy

some of the treats
me under the influence of me under the influence of
me under the influence of

Delicious mexican food... and Estonian soda Kelluke!
different frienddifferent friend
different friend

Rael cooking some minced meat for the nachos
Here's beeeeeeans!Here's beeeeeeans!
Here's beeeeeeans!

My Jack Nicholson moment of the day
nachos after nachos after
nachos after

taking them out of the oven
mouthful of burritomouthful of burrito
mouthful of burrito

another difficult moment
what went wrong with themwhat went wrong with them
what went wrong with them

who knows. They tasted the same, just like rocks


24th May 2009

haha who cares if somethings burnt, they dont know;) Miss you girly!

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