The BBA V2 starts the trek southwards to Uulu,Estonia

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July 7th 2013
Published: July 12th 2013
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It had taken the BBA V2 just over three months to make its way to the northern most point of this adventure and now it was time to start the trek southwards and eventually westwards.

Our journey today was a bit short of 200km and will take us down the E67 to a location near the coast just south of Parnu,Estonia's third largest city.

The weather remains fine and sunny and after a couple of trips up and down the 5 flights of steps loading the car we walked to the fruit and vegetable market just down the road from the apartment to buy some fresh produce including more strawberries which were absolutely delicious and so sweet.

Being Sunday the traffic on the road out of the city heading south was very quiet and we motored smoothly through the suburbs of Tallinn and were soon on the open road passing through farmland and then periodically forested areas with the scenery pleasant but now becoming a bit repetitive for us.

With the greater numbers of population of Estonia living in the three main cities the smaller towns are few and far between and on the E67 they seemed even more far apart.Before long we were on the outskirts of Parnu and sure that there would be no supermarkets near out accommodation we called into a supermarket to stock up for dinner tonight.

Our accommodation was a very comfortable room in a 'hotel' in a strip of the forest between the main road south and the coast.The trees were too dense for any chance of a view of the coast and of course with the land being flat there was no elevated view on offer anyway.

The young woman on reception gave us details of how to get to the 'sandy beach' which necessitated a bit of orienteering along the forest tracks.She explained that although the coast was only a couple of hundred metres away they were not allowed to disturb the natural growth of reeds at the coasts edge as it was protected for the bird life and therefore the nearest place to get down to the sea was a kilometre or so away.

The trail was sort of obvious as we headed off into the forest.We thought we would be OK as long as we kept the coast on our left hand side and although we couldn't actually see you could see the daylight brighter off where we expected the coast to be.

We followed the instructions we had as best as we could remember and eventually arrived at a number of quite expensive looking houses in a clearing with a road which had probably come off the main road although we couldn't hear any traffic noise.The location of the houses then became clear to us as there was the coast and a path that took us out onto a small promontory.It wasn't the 'sandy beach' we were looking for,which we could see was still a further way up the coast,probably another kilometre away.So we retraced our steps and continued on our orienteering exercise and when we thought we were in the right area turned left and there we were above the beach that had people swimming at and some keen souls kite surfing in the fresh breeze.It wasn't much of a beach to speak of and the people who came out of the sea from swimming while we stood there and looked at the scene,weren't very long in getting back to their towels and clothes.We therefore decided we didn't need to go and dip our toes in the least not just yet.

We didn't have to play Hansel and Gretel to get back home as the trail just took us there by some mysterious way or was it that we aren't too bad at this orienteering lark.

We relaxed in the leather lounge suite in the lounge of the 'hotel' with a beer and nibbles and did some forward travel planning as we were running out of days that we had booked ahead for and we needed to firm up plans for the westward journey across Poland and Germany to take in the places we wanted to see on the way.

We have given up trying to go to bed at a 'normal'time with so much twilight upsetting our systems as the brain is saying'its not time for bed yet'.Eventually though sleep creeps up especially for the one who has got the e-book to read and with no TV here there was nothing else to keep the other one awake.Plus the bed here is luxur

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