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July 20th 2003
Published: July 20th 2003
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Parnu BeachParnu BeachParnu Beach

Not the "ladies beach" that would break my hosting t's and c's.
On the south west coast of Estonia lies the seaside town of Parnu - Pµnðßæ«»¢“”nµæßðđŋħjĸł@łe¶ŧ←↓→øþ - OK I can't find the "a" with two little dots over it. The "a" in Parnu is one of those, and gives it a quite different sound to the one shown, so different that I had to write down the name in order to purchase a bus ticket.

Parnu is Estonia's holiday destination, there is a stretch of sand in a horse shoe shape around two miles long, covered with slightly sunburnt (or very sunburnt) northern europeans. The beach has a nudist area entirely for women (how bizzare?)... which I was unfortunate enough to find myself in this morning (didn't read the signs - Ladies Beach - what does that mean?). It wasn't the pleasant experience I would have imagined it to be - but one that will stay with me a while, all shapes and sizes of "lady" soaking up the sun where the sun wasn't meant to shine.

A rocky sea wall that stretches out a mile into the sea, loads of people walk along it and when at the end kind of wonder why they bothered as there is nothing there. I sat for an hour and contemplated my existance.

I'm staying in a nice new hostel - Hostel Louna - email - hostellouna at - and the best thing for me is that I spotted a hub behind a TV in the communual area... plugged in my laptop, a couple of proxies later and woohoo free internet! I'm writing this right now on that connection.

Last night I went to Club Tallinn - somewhat dissappointing. Tonight I don't know. The tourists in Parnu tend to be either - 35+ = Finnish - looking for mud baths, less than 35 = Estonian. Very few backpackers - and I'm yet to meet any English, American or Germans. Though I have met several Australians...

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22nd July 2005

i just returned from a holiday in eestonia with my wife, who is eesti. what a totally unique place it was. can't wait to go back. in the summer

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