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August 26th 2007
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After a relatively good nights sleep (the best you can have in a tent) we got up for freshly made porridge with breads, cheese and meats. We then chatted to the family and listened to authentic Estonian music before saying goodbye to his wife, Katerin, and her sister, Reet.

In the town we visited the museum. It was another castle built by the Teutonic Order during the 13th century after Estonia was conquered. Again it had suffered damage from leaving soviets. In the Second World War German and Russian troops met there and 75% of the town was destroyed in the fighting.

We then drove to the University at Tartu, Estonia's university town with 1/5 of the population being students. We went up in the main towers which were in ruins but still sturdy enough to walk up. They were one of the highest points in Tartu, other than maybe the brewery. We didn't spend long there as Eero was taking his children to the air museum and he was rapidly running out of time. He drove us to the bus station and helped us check our bags into left luggage and then with a hasty goodbye and enough homegrown apples to last us a lifetime, they left.

After waving goodbye to Eero, we made our way to the main high street and town square (we now know as Raekoja plats) and wandered around the shops. There was a skate/BMX competition so we stopped and watched a while, however we think it was just a group of children messing around and not professionals. Most of the shops were shut, so we decided to go and find something to eat.

We found a little Italian restaurant just off the main street. Rob had minestrone soup and I had spicy tomato and cheese soup. For our main I had oven baked pasta with roast vegetables and Rob had chilli and bacon pasta. We both washed it down with a pint of local Saku.

Back at the bus station we bought our tickets by pointing at a piece of paper with bus times on it. Not the best way, but it did work. We then met Eero again to give him back a little booklet of bus tickets that we still had of his and we were berated for not using more of them. Whoops!

The bus left the station as soon as the clock showed eight. I've never been on such a punctual bus in my life. The journey wasn't too bad because I read my book and Rob slept, though he did keep falling on me.

We arrived in Parnu at ten forty. The lady from Hostel Terve picked us up and showed us a bit of the town before dropping us off at the hostel. It's rather nice, clean and very near the beach and the shops. The window had been left open so it was freezing, but c'est la vie.

We dumped our stuff and went for a walk around. We had chips from a kiosk, but struggled to order. We ended up with heavily seasoned chips with some sort of yoghurt sauce. We eventually found the beach but it was too dark to go onto it. We headed home and fell asleep in proper beds for the first time in a long time. Night night. Stob.

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Apple tree overloaded with fruitApple tree overloaded with fruit
Apple tree overloaded with fruit

This was one of about 5 apple trees in his garden, all laden with fruit.

29th August 2007

duckie and stuff
Hello you two - had me bothered for a couple of days! With great relief I received 3 blog entries this am(Weds 29) ! I like the look if Tallin and can sense good feelings from your earlier blogs - might visit one day. Concerns are being expressed Steph and Rob - about something very very serious. Duckie's size. However, I feel that by the look on his face, size will never be an issue for him. Lol. Well, I had better end - you can always rely on a SHORT reply from me! xxx

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