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Europe » Estonia » Narva April 12th 2019

Söin asunnossa aamupalan. Laitoin kaasulämmittimen päälle, jotta oli lämmintä vettä pestä itseäni. Telkkarista tuli vain venäjänkielistä ohjelmaa. Pääsin liikkeelle klo 11. Kävin katsomassa rautatieasemaa. Laiturille ei päässyt, kun ei ollut junaa. Turistineuvonnassa osattiin venäjän lisäksi myös viroa. Keskusaukiolla oli Paul Keresin muistomerkkinä shakkipelilauta. Linnaan olisi maksanut sisään 14 € ja opastettu kierros olisi alkanut reilun tunnin päästä. Kävin katsomassa rantakatua. Sillalla mentiin rajan yli kävellen ja autoilla. Vanhakaupunki oli sikäli ankea, että se oli liki täysin tuhoutunut sodassa, ja jäljellä oli vain raatihuone. Kävin parissa ostoskeskuksessa. Söin hotellin lähellä ja kävin illalla vielä irlantilaisessa pubissa. Siellä oli virolainen tarjoilija. Muuten kaupunki on hiukan erikoisen oloinen: liki kaikki puhuvat venäjä... read more

Europe » Estonia » Narva April 11th 2019

Tampereelta Narvaan 12 tunnissa. Lähdin kotoa klo 8.30. Ehdin hyvissä ajoin linja-autoasemalle. Bussi Helsinkiin klo 9.30 - 11.15. Ratikalla Länsiterminaaliin. Laivalla Tallinnaan klo 13.30 - 15.00. Kaupunkibussilla linja-autoasemalle. Kerkesin syödä aterian. Bussi Narvaan klo 17.00 - 20.15. Narvaan matkustin treenaamaan venäjää. Booking.comin kautta olin varannut asunnon, jonka omistaja puhui vain venäjää. Etukäteen arvosteluista selvisi että asunnossa vesi lämmitetään kaasulla. Siksi Selvitin kuinka lämmitys toimii ja mihin avaimet jätetään. Jätin lämmityksen päälle. Kävin ostamassa lähikaupasta ruokaa. Söin lähiravintolassa vielä sienikeiton. ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Narva July 2nd 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! Well, today I unfortunately wasted pretty much half the day waiting for Roman. As I said yesterday the plan for today was to go to Narva Joesuu and visit a ghost town on his recommendation. While waiting for this he played some FEAR 3 with me watching, I knew he liked the game and I wanted us to get along and bond so that's what I did. After that we watched first a Russian action movie called Brothers 2 and then a Swedish comedy called Cockpit. So pretty much a very slow start to the day, granted, I didn't really feel like there was a great many places to visit in Narva so I just tried to enjoy the slower pace. The problem is that once the time came rolling around to ... read more
Saksa Sõdurite Kalmistu
Memorial Plaque of July 26 1944
Memorial to the Fallen in the War of Independence

Europe » Estonia » Narva July 1st 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! I had plenty of time before my bus to Narva would leave so me and Kristiiina went for a lovely blueberry pancake served with bacon and after that we took another small tour of Tartu, this time walking around to the other side of the river which was nice since it gave me the opportunity to see some of the areas we didn't visit yesterday. After that we said our goodbyes and I hopped on the bus and the ride to Narva went well, although I shared seat with this very talkative Russian lady who honestly kind of bugged me, complaining about me writing and watching movie instead of enjoying the landscape which honestly wasn't very impressive along this road. When I arrived in Narva my new host Roman was waiting for ... read more
Narva Aleksandri Suurkirik

Europe » Estonia » Narva October 12th 2015

Narva is the closest Estonian town to St. Petersburg so it was quite natural that I decided to visit it. The tickets were a bit expensive despite the very short distance, mere 150 kilometers, covered within about 2 hours and a half on SimpleExpress bus. Narva is the largest Russian-speaking Estonian town, very important in the development of relations between the two countries. Its official date of founding is the construction of Narva Castle in 1223. Narva was seized by Russian troops in 1558, when Ivan the Terrible wanted to make Narva a major port on the Baltic Sea. It was Ivan the Terrible who built the Ivangorod Fortress opposite Narva. Soon Sweden and Russia started a war and the Swedes managed to capture it. Peter the Great took Narva in 1704. I think after that ... read more
Monument to Soldiers Perished in 1941-1945
Narva Castle

Europe » Estonia » Narva December 30th 2014

Geo: 59.3743, 28.1823"Look we can go to the most easterly point in the EU" is definitely how every good holiday idea should begin! Chris has been reading this in a book and we decided that it was something we should at least check out. Research and a trip to the bus station to buy a ticket followed and we prepared for another early start (this was becoming a theme on this trip). We got up at the un-holiday like time of 5:45am and began our walk to the tram stop for the tram to the bus station. Fuelled with weird cheese filled croissants and an espresso, we boarded the bus (I say boarded because it was very much like getting on a plane) and set off for Narva. These buses were much better than anything I've seen ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Narva August 16th 2014

Narva in SE corner of Estonia 15 & 16 August 2014 The roads continue to be fantastic in Estonia. We have seen EU signs next to new road surfaces, indicating the European Union funding assistance the country receives, remembering that it is a member of the EU and its currency is the Euro. We arrived in Narva around 11.00am and even though we have seen many castles and manors over the past 2 years, Nava is the home to the 13th century Rakvere citadel, where visitors can play knight, eat medieval style food, shoot a bow and arrow, ride horses and learn from thematic rooms in the castle, from torture chambers to astronomy exhibits. This was yet another interesting site. The 'west yard' was full of activities, with a camp fire burning and kids having a ... read more
Estonia & Russian border crossing
Russian Castle looking from Estonia
Narva Castle NE Estonia (8)

Europe » Estonia » Narva June 4th 2011

I was lucky enough to have a tail wind. That always helps. And I decided to get off the number 1 Tallinn - Narva - St Peterburg road. That wasn't all that much fun. Lot's of trucks, and unlike other countries, still not that many places to stop to have a coffee. (Really, if I could I would open up a coffee franchise here on these highways, there is a lot of money to be made). So, I stopped at a petrol station, had a coffee, and wait for it.... one of those hamburgers they sell there. Wrapped in plastic, a minute in the microwave and voila. Um, not the best decision I've made (cold around the edges, eeeeeew) but I ate it and really did have lots of energy after that. So, onwards, onwards and ... read more

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