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August 31st 2014
Published: June 12th 2017
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All three of us slept very hard and quite well following the exertion of the previous evening. I heard loud thunderstorms during the night, but neither K nor Anna heard a thing. The skies were still gray, with very fast-moving clouds racing along the horizon as we all slowly got up. We were all pretty much packed and ready to go, so I left early to go retrieve our car from down the road. I was greeted in the hallway with a sign advising that the elevators were out of service, and that we should use the outside emergency staircase. I found my way down and out the side entrance, and stumbled across a bakery on my way to the car. I got some freshly baked, and seemingly appropriate danishes, along with some coffee, which I brought back to the hotel along with the car.

When we finished and schlepped our bags into the hallways, I'd hoped in vain that the elevator might be fixed. No such luck. We managed our way down and loaded up the car. I walked around the hotel to the front lobby, to check out, and only then did I notice the series of large
Checking Out in the MorningChecking Out in the MorningChecking Out in the Morning

You can see they're cleaning out the water...
fire hoses running out of the building in several locations and gushing water. I walked into the candle-lit lobby to discover that the heavy rain from the night before had forced the ground water to back up and flood the building. Being essentially at sea level and built on reclaimed land, there was literally nowhere for the water to go. The water back-up had blown power on the first floor and damaged the elevator. Even by candle light, however, they were more than happy and able to take our money for the room.

We made a quick stop at the iconic Little Mermaid statue -- which we'd missed the night before -- on the way to the airport, but otherwise it was a very quick and imminently more sane journey than our drive in. Again, signage at the airport proved challenging, but we did manage to get the car returned and backtrack our way to the international terminal where check-in was deceptively quick and painless.

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