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Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland August 27th 2018

Hallo Blogers Wir sind also mit dem Zug wieder zum Campingplatz zurückgekehrt, haben dort nochmals übernachtet und sind anschliessend über die Öresundbrücke in Dänemark eingereist. Die Brücke ist ein imposantes Bauwerk und ist Mautpflichtig (Schlappe CHF 135.--) Der Abstecher zur Klippe von Stevn (Stevnsklint) hat sich mehr als gelohnt. Sie gehört zum UNESCO Weltkulturerbe, ist 15 Km lang und wunderschön. Die Entstehung der Kreidefelsen ist auf einen Meteoriteneinschlag, dem übrigens das Aussterben der Dinosaurier zu verdanken ist, zurückzuführen. Die Weiterreise führte uns zum Campingplatz "Möns Klint". Ein wunderbarer Ort in absoluter Nähe der gleichnamigen Klippen. Die Herausforderung zum Besuch der grossartigen Naturformation liessen wir uns nicht nehmen. Um 0830 Uhr verliessen wir den Campingplatz (zu Fuss). Mit dem Routenplan suchten wir nun den von uns ausgew... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland August 25th 2018

Vom Campingplatz in Malmö fuhren wir mit unserem Roller zum Hauptbahnhof. Mit dem Zug gelangten wir in 40 Minuten über die Brücke nach Kopenhagen. Direkt im Bahnhof konnten wir die Tickets für den Hop on Hop off Bus mit Schiffrundfahrt erstehen. Obwohl wir vor einigen Jahren bereits schon einmal die Stadt besuchten, konnten wir wieder viel Neues sehen. Die herrliche Bootstour und das anschliessende Flanieren dem Kanal entlang war beim herrlichsten Wetter der absolute Genuss. Die Entscheidung mit dem Zug zu reisen und das Auto auf dem Campingplatz zu belassen hat sich als absolut richtig erwiesen.... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland October 6th 2016

Så er vi kommet hjem igen, og det gælder også Karen og Kurt, der havde 1 times ventetid i Kastrup før deres fly til Aalborg og derefter i bil til Viborg. Ikke så meget at sige, jeg sov ikke meget på den 11 timer lange flyvetur – vi var over ½ time forsinket i afgangen som mere eller mindre holdt sig til landingen. Lidt mad undervejs og en rigtig flot tur ind over Norge og den nordlige del af Jylland, mens det blev helt overskyet fra Djursland til vi kom under skyerne over Køge Bugt. Jeg var helt hjemme 14:40, Marianne hentede mig på Lejre St., det var godt at se hende igen. Jeg er træt, det er 27 timer siden jeg stod op, men jeg skal holde ud til sædvanlig sengetid, så jeg hurtigt kan ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Valby August 16th 2016

Unfortunately all good things come to an end eventually and by Friday 12 August our turn had come to leave Copenhagen. By the same token I'm extremely grateful for the fact that we're able to make regular visits to our darling daughter Katherine, her partner Thomas and those three gorgeous granddaughters of ours - Sienna, Evie and Isabella. Also that they too are able to return to Sydney at least twice a year. So we really have nothing to complain about although that doesn't make parting any easier when the time eventually comes. We'd spent our time in CPH in a lovely two bedroomed apartment, booked through Airbnb, which was around a one klm walk from where Katherine, Thomas and the girls live which was extremely convenient for us. Come Friday we were madly packing and ... read more
Isabella on the swing in the park close to home
Grandma & Grandpa aren't the only ones upset to leave
Welcomed home by two beautiful kookaburras

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Højerup August 15th 2016

Ingrid offered to take Kev and I to Højerup to see the famous Stevns Klint on Thursday and, as that was the day Thomas was due to arrive back from NYC and London, we decided that such a venture would give Katherine, Thomas and the girls some time on their own. So it all worked out well. Ingrid picked us up early morning for the drive to Højerup, a distance of around 66 kms which took us through some nice countryside. We were bound for the UNESCO heritage area know as Stevns Klint, a white chalk cliff located 17 km along the coast which is of geological importance as a dramatic chapter in the history of the earth is hidden between the thick layers of limestone and chalk. The reason dinosaurs became extinct 66 million year ... read more
The old church on the edge of the cliff
Pulpit in the old church
Murals on the wall of the old church

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde August 5th 2016

Two years ago, while we were visiting Katherine and the crew Kev and I decided to visit Roskilde to check out the Viking Museum. Unfortunately we made the mistake of catching an express train which didn't stop there; in fact we ended up almost at the German border. We did manage to catch a train back which stopped at Roskilde but by the time we got there the museum was closed. So this year, deciding to make another try, we made sure we caught the right train which stopped at Roskilde; only about a twenty minute journey from Valby which is our local station. Katherine, Sienna and Evie joined us this time while Isabella was at kindy. Naturally it wasn't quite so interesting to the kids as it was to me. But it was a lovely ... read more
Roskilde Town Square
Kev in front of Roskilde Town Hall
Roskilde Cathedral

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Praesto July 7th 2016

The last part of Sweden was spent driving down the motorway in constant rain. Crossed over a massive bridge to get into Denmark. After a bit of trouble getting parked in Copenhagen we succeeded due to Moe's amazing parking skills. Wandered around the central area stopping for a quick lunch at a noodle bar. Some nice old buildings,sculptures and fountains in the squares. Headed out in rush hour traffic but found nice site by marina just an hour south.... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde July 18th 2015

Ce 18 juillet, nous prenons à nouveau un ferry pour traverser l'Elbe... Ceci me rappelle de bons souvenirs en 1961 puisque j'y suis passée avec mes parents et Beatrice ma sœur, lorsque d'Anvers à Hambourg, nous y avons navigué pour faire escale à Hambourg avant de nous rendre en Argentine.... Bien entendu, ces éoliennes n'existaient pas... et maintenant nous en avons à 360°... Le 12 juillet : Une visite au musée des Vikings mais aussi à la Cathédrale de Roskilde.... L'île-musée des vikings : c'est par là qu'on rejoint le musée qu'on ne visite pas car le petit port est bien suffisant... Il s'agit d'un petit port et d'un ensemble d'ateliers où l'on répare et reconstitue toutes sortes d'embarcations anciennes... La cathédrale quant à elle abrite les tombeaux de tous les souverains du Danemark et de ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Naestved September 18th 2014

Train ride from Aarhus to Slagelse took 2.5 hours. We travelled south from Aarhus to Fredericia and then crossed the bridge to Fyn, island between Jutland and Zealand. Across Fyn then over the "Lillebaeltsbro" (bridge) to the town of Slagelse on Zealand. There we were met by my cousin Lene and her husband Leif. Lene and Leif live in a housing complex and within that estate are several community houses which are available for the residents to use for parties, family gatherings etc for very little cost - what a good idea! Lene's house has 2 bedrooms and since they had their son, daughter in law and granddaughter also coming to visit there wasn't enough room for everyone. Lene had hired one of the bedrooms attached to the community hall for us. What a great way ... read more
Dissecting a deer
Basic anatomy
Harbour in Skaelskor

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Helsingør September 3rd 2014

Charlotte, Kev and I decided to catch a train to Helsingør to visit the Kronborg Castle, the legendary castle in Shakespeare's "Hamlet". While Hamlet is in his "castle of Elsinore" he is a purely literary figure although the basic features of the story can be traced back to the Danish Chronicle of "Saxon Grammaricus" from around the year 1200. The legend migrated to England via the French author Belleforest's "Histoires Tragiques" and in the work of Thomas Kyd and finally to Shakespeare. Since then the story has inspired many writers including Charles Dickens. Hamlet is Shakespeare's longest play and among the most powerful and influential tragedies in English literature, with a story capable of seemingly endless retelling and adaptation. The play seems to have been one ... read more
Inside the entrance to the station
Carved wooden ceiling
Looking towards the town of Helsingør from the station

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