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May 25th 2009
Published: May 25th 2009
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Yesterday we wend to Roskilde, it was the first capital of Denmark with an old gothic cathedral dating from 13th century, replacing even older. But the main reason we took a train (30 min) was a Viking museum. Danish vikings(there were of course Norvegian and Swedish too) are the ones who are remembered the most in history as those who stole, burned and raped, just because they did it in civilized France. Well this was part of the business, they did of course a lot of trading, and in time they settled in France and England. They were the best saylors of their time and they boats were well designed. The museum was more interesting than I expected with many informations well presented and the tour with english speaking guide added a lot of little known facts.
We took of course a boat trip, where we suppose to row and sail in the viking boat. Well, once we boarded the boat, it started to rain, then it rained even more. Nobody minded the weather. The rowing was not so easy, basicaly we all were not very synchronized and a clumsy. Well, it gave us an idea how hard it had to be a viking sailor. They endured all kind of weather without even one cup of hot tea, not to mention a hot meal (no fire on the boat) and no cabin to hide. As a matter of fact, few years ago in this museum, they build based on original, a exact replica of one of the boats using the same kind of woods and tools. Added radio system and sail all the way to Dublin, Ireland. There is a movie in the museum about the trip and helped even more imagine how hard life of the viking was. Now imagine sail all the way to Iceland or to Greenland.
After we got back to the city we hit Tivoli. It is an old amusement park, which Walt Disney once visited and the idea of Disneyland was born. It is much smaller and has only few rides and of course no Disney Characters instead many restaurants and it has more feeling of the park. And once, dying from too much walking Ania transformed herself and hit the rides. She would make his father proud. We went to sleep at 11. Just to wake up early and go on another tour.

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