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June 30th 2013
Published: June 30th 2013
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We have seen quite many cool graffitis here in Århus.
29.6.2013 Århus

Finally we have gotten to this point; we are actually on our big trip, going to travel around the world during the next year! The last weeks before our departure on June 28th were very hectic, the last days especially. We spent almost all our time either at work, or packing the apartment into boxes. Getting everything done on time meant also that we slept rather short nights during the last days at home, so we were actually rather tired when we arrived in Århus yesterday afternoon.

We selected Århus as our first stop on the trip because neither of us has seen other Danish cities besided Copenhagen before, and it is also conveniently on our way to Hirtshals where our boat towards Faroe Islands leaves on Tuesday.

Since arriving in Århus we have taken things very easy. We have walked around in the city center a bit, read our books, sat at the hotel bar for free beer (advantage from my numerous trips to Tampere during the past year 😉 and last night we went to bed at 8pm. Today after 10 hours sleep we were a bit more energetic and visited the Aros art museum. It seems to be one of the main attractions of this city and was quite ok for few hours browsing. The most memorable thing from there however was the rainbow panorama roof (see pic). Tomorrow we will move on to Fredrikshavn which is only 1 hour away from the boat departure point, until then, I imagine we will still walk around here at Århus a bit, perhaps go for coffee or beer, otherwise we just read, lay in bed, and probably sleep by 9pm again :D Generally this town looks nice with mostly pretty old buildings in the center, and relaxing and peaceful as well. Leo says this looks like a Swedish university town such as Gothenburg or Linköping. Association to university towns perhaps also comes from the fact that under our hotel room window there is some kind of student party going on already for second day, where students (apparently freshly graduated ones) are bathing in fountain filled with foam and drinking sparkling wine.

I think we haven't yet fully understod we are actually on The Trip now, and that we have whole year ahead to see and experience great things, and to enjoy freedom. Today that feeling started to come a little bit, but I guess it will really only kick in when we depart for Faroe Islands. These days in Århus and Fredrikshavn are mostly for taking it easy and for using my Scandic points ;D­

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This is how it looked at our apartment still about a week before departure, but we managed to finish everything on time..pheww..

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