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July 25th 2010
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Finding Busse

Hi Everyone

Well, now I am about to leave Århus to embark on my trip out in the world and hopefully also into myself. Tuesday afternoon my friend Jimmy will drive me to Billund airport and from there it is "short" flight to Kuala Lumpur. I will have a couple of days there before I fly to Banda Aceh on Sumatra and take a boat to Pulau Weh which is my first real destination.

At Lumbalumba I will get my divers certificate. According to my friends Jens and Anna it should be an ideal place to do this. I decided on Indonesia before consulting anyone, but after having talked with friends it sounds like the ideal place to go!

The purpose of this blog

I will use this blog to keep you all posted about where I am and what I am doing. I will do my best to update it frequently and post some of my best photos and entertaining stories. But I will also use it to post some quite self-centered musings about myself and the world (see below), but if that sounds OK to you, then subscribe to the blog (There is button on the left for this).

The purpose of the trip

As some of you will know I have recently quit my job and broken up with my girlfriend. It was about time to simply pull the plug and try to figure out what I want to do with myself. At 36 years it seems like a good time to do it. But in order to do this "systematically" I have set a number of rules or guidelines for myself:

Out of the shell

About a year ago one of my colleagues sent my this link: Personlity test.
I score pretty high on the introvert side. Introvert is fine by me, but it is next of kin to loneliness and that is problem. I want to work on this and flying across the planet on my own is a way of doing this.

Talent over skills

While trying to figure out what I want to do/work with when I get home, I want to force myself to focus on things that I may be talented at rather than things that I have become good at. 7½ years of working with software have distorted my ideas of what I do well. I would like to figure out what I do best and if possible use those talents.

More Rules?

I have at least one more rule that I will keep to myself. But if you can come up with something that I should work with then please let me know.

I will be active in this blog, in facebook, and through jens.busse@gmail.com.

I will be bringing my beloved Iphone (and a backup phone), so I can also be reached at +4531443294. I will also be using my skype account for calls: jens.busse1

That was it for now. Next time it will actually be something from my travels 😊

Best, Jens


26th July 2010

Good luck with your "life project"
Hi Jens, I've been on Sumatra way back in 1992 for almost 1,5mnt. That was the best experiece on my trip in South East Asia. Good luck with your project. I'll follow you All along. /Jesper
27th July 2010

Good luck with your travels Jens
Looking forward to following your trip on this blog
22nd March 2011

enjoy your life
hi, maybe you should come to belitung island,,there is amazing!

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