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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød June 29th 2017

The latest Danish export is the concept of “hygge”, a word often used to describe contentment with good living and a feeling of happiness. It is a description of nice, cozy, safe and the known. The word is often applied to the concept is the scandic design and interior living that we are familiar with from this part of the world, but it can be applied to almost anything. The “hygge” was good at breakfast in the hotel. I was particularly enjoyed the bread, that was giving off that freshly baked smell. We were up early today on a journey out of the city to the north of Zealand. The Copenhagen Cards were valid in zones 1 to 99, which basically meant that all of the province was in reach. Copenhagen is primarily built on 2 ... read more
Frederiksborg Castle

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød July 18th 2015

Frederiksborg au Danemark – El castillo de Frederiksborg en Dinamarca Texto en castellano debajo del frances... Petit souci de mise en page : après la dernière photo DU TEXTE, descendez plus dans la page et vous trouverez d'autres photos.... Aujourd'hui, 17 juillet, nous avons quitté la Scandinavie et nous nous trouvons tout au Nord de l'Allemagne... Vous l'aurez compris, nous rentrons doucement, sans encore connaître exactement la date de notre retour... Je ne prends pas le temps de renommer les photos car ce serait bien bête de mettre : château, et encore château, ou jardin et encore jardin !!!! La photo du jour a été prise dans une boutique amusante car on y trouvait de tout... vraiment de tout... à Tonder, ville frontière avec l'Allemagne... Cette photo représente un peu ce que nous aurions aimé trouver ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød October 21st 2012

Okay, det er lige om lidt... Ja, her sidder jeg så, ca. 13 timer og 50 minutter fra at rejse fra Danmark og beslutter mig for at oprette en blog. Lidt sent? Måske, men sådan bliver det altså! Efter at have taget 'afsked' med venner, familie og hjemmet, så siger man snart goddag til først New York og derefter Honolulu - jeg klager skam ikke! :-) Jeg rejser jo gennem Dansk Studie Center, hvor jeg rejser sammen med en større gruppe, som også har valgt dette ophold - vi er vist en 40-45 personer, hvoraf der er godt 7 svenskere, og hvor fordelingen ligger på 10-15 drenge, resten er piger. Jeg føler med drengene, når vi i New York skal på 'Sex and the City'-tour! Kufferten blev pakket allerede i formiddag, og jeg tror aldrig, jeg ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød March 4th 2012

Today was an eventful first full day! It began with me waking up naturally from sleep around 8 this morning! Yes I beat the jetlag! Katrine and I ate a small breakfast because her mom and dad were coming with her new stove, then taking us to their house in Hillerod for brunch that her 3 little sisters cooked. After her parents installed the stove and Katrine hung a mirror (which I helped level) we were off to Hillerod. This is the town that Katrine lived in from the age of 6-19! So basically it was Katrines hometown. I saw her old apartment buildings, her old school, and the local CASTLE. Yes, Katrine has not one but TWO castles in her hometown! After a little sightseeing (see pictures) we went to their house and I met ... read more
Danish Highway
Gas station

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød March 4th 2012

After frisbee we (Katrine, Myself, Katja, Kaja, and Kia) piled into the family car and went and visited the second castle. This particular castle sometimes houses the royal family, but not today. Since it was so cold out we decided to go shopping at a nearby center. The place was kinda like a mall, it even had underground passage that connected you across the street into more of the shopping area. We browsed a few stores, but its only my second day and Im not ready to buy presents yet! We returned back to the Jensen house were Pia (Katrine's mom) had made us hot cocoa and danishes! So yummy!!! After we all put ourselves into a suger coma we just laid around the house watching tv, like many lazy sundays I've had before. At 6 ... read more
Katja, myself, Kaja, and Kia
Stoberihallen (shopping center)
Myself at Sostrene Grene

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød September 12th 2009

Got up early and ate breakfast buffet (primarily pastries, meats and cheeses) and then walked to the train station for about a 40 minute ride to Hillerod where we toured the Fredriksborg Castle and chapel. Some amazing and VERY OLD art work. There were 2 weddings and 1 baptism so we walked into a little cafe and got something to eat, which we took back outside and picnicked along side the castle moat. Then we walked back to the castle to tour the chapel. Amazing! Judy, Roxie and I spent the evening at Tivoli Gardens strolling through the park, listening to music, watching the rides we dared not get on, people watching, taking lots of pictures and eating at a fabulous restaurant recommended by Rick Steves. Closed out the evening watching a ballet pantomime (beautiful dancing) ... read more
Frederiksborg Castle
Frederiksborg Castle
Frederiksborg Castle

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød August 30th 2009

Today was truly a Danish cultural immersion. I woke up hoping to get some reading done for Monday classes...I've got about half of it done and couldn't be happier. I started the morning by venturing to the Kvickly (aka Danish K-Mart) in town and deciphering which laundry detergent to purchase. One thing about shopping completely in Danish is that you rely on pictures A LOT. The Snuggle bear was my savior. In the afternoon, I was heading back from doing an architecture assignment (an upcoming blog!) and I met my friends and spotted the Royal Rolls Royce. Then in fifteen minutes the Queen exited the church we were near after appointing some lucky clergyman to Bishop. And of course just as I was going to snap a picture of the Queen, a city bus slowed down ... read more
Rosenborg Slot
Milan in tree at Rosenborg Slot
Rosenborg Slot

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød August 29th 2009

Started with the need for a tree fix. I heard from Linzy, a friend at school, that there was this quaint little town in the north west of Zealand called Tisvildeleje. How on earth you would say this I will never know. A little investigation found that we could get a 24hour regional ticket for 120DKK which was much cheaper than the return fair. So Adrien (Mexico), Denisa (Albania), Kristen (America) and I hopped on the train with our bikes, some food, some wine a blanket each and I brought my tent. We had no plan except to find beach, find forest and not pay for accommodation. We stopped in Hillerod because the others hadn't seen the frederiksborg castle yet. Then it was back on to Tis..... I think I found the longest hill in Denmark ... read more
Perfectly manicured forest

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød August 25th 2009

I could spend a page relating to you the difficulty in deciphering the Danish bus schedule, the problems in finding Annex B off of Norregade, or how I was instructed to not try to out drink the Danes...they are legal at 16 and thus alcoholics at 13, or even how you are more likely to offend a Dane by using extra water than insulting his mother...but I have a much more eventful story to tell. My first experience with socialized medicine. Having scraped my ankle a couple of days ago and suspecting infection, I asked my friendly front desk at school where I could see a doctor. Seeing as the doctor's mostly close early, at 4 pm I called the Night Doctor hotline and silently listened to Danish hold music for 20 minutes. I was so ... read more

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