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July 21st 2007
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As many of you have informed me to do, I took a deep look into what is positive about America. Through doing so I relised that I too am at fault in some ways, for what america has become. I have also begun to take a look at the systems that when placed together, make up what is Denmark. I have realised that we are not the only country that has its issues. Though Americas issues have a very vast impact on most parts of the world, there are, in fact other countries that have issues.
Denmark is one of the worlds oldest surviving kingdoms, but surprisingly their systems are very democratic, and they share much in common with our own country that we call home. I was surprised to learn that Denmark and its sorrounding countries are facing some of the very same issues that we are in America.
These last couple years Denmark has been in a fight over its own immigration issues, (some caused by the US). Denmarks problem of immigration, in my opinion, vastly out weighs that of Americas. It has been projected that within the next 20 to 30 years, the danish will no longer be Denmarks majority. They will more than likly be passed by Chineese/Middle Eastern immigrants in number. That is what you would call an invasion. Denmark isnt dealing with an issue of illegal immigration though, their system has allowed an unlimited amount of immigrants in, legally. The Danish Parliment has been up in arms over this ordeal, and a vote is expected by the time i depart.
Why is it that these news pieces never reach america?


I will further elaborate on this in a later post.

I just wanted to say that america is not the only flaw country and I do in fact realise that. My last post was just in response to me feeling the impact of americas not so wise economic decisions.

I was initally going to type a very long summary of everything that has occured in this last week, but their is a rather large storm that has been knocking the power and internet out.

So i will give you a rather breif summary of my week since returninng to the island of bornholm.

Well, lets see. Yesterday, (The 22nd) i cooked dinner, for the 4th time in my life. I must admit, when it comes to simple cooking, i am in fact the iron chef.

We have been to several museams since returning. One being the Brnholm Art Museam, which was not that interesting, with the acception of some spectacular pieces of art. The second museam was the Danish Farming Museam. It was quite interesting, and i learned all about the agriculture of the sorrounding lands. Both museams where quite insightful into the lives and culture of the people.

I have done a bit of shopping for various family and close friends, which i think that they will enjoy.

Other than that it has seemed like almost normal home life here.

This last Friday I purchased Harry Potter, and i finished it on Sunday. It was a different ending than that which i had expected, but it was a good book none the less.

I have been a bit homesick, but nothing too severe.

Your letters, and replys are what have kept me from being homesick. I always appreaciate it when you inform me of what is happening in the Michigan area.

And, for one last note that may cause some shock. In these recent happenings, i seem to have aquired black hair.


Love you.

A very detailed Copenhagen report is being typed up, and will be up by the end of this week.

-Erik Michael


23rd July 2007

What?? Black hair???????????
Black hair just before senior pictures?? I can hardly wait to see this one - it's reminiscent of your days as Elvis! Where did this one come from? Glad you're seeing that the US is not the only country with "issues". The freedom part is what keeps me loyal and a real supporter of this great land I call home. Got the internet at home to work. Now, what do I do to set up the automatic fish feeder?? Love ya, Mom

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