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May 14th 2005
Published: May 14th 2005
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Rachel's LakeRachel's LakeRachel's Lake

The pretty lake behind Rachel's house in Denmark... ooo la la!
Hi from Denmark! I arrived here on Thursday afternoon, and so far Rachel (my roomie from USC who came to visit me earlier in Ireland) has taken great care of me. I got a taste of the town Thursday evening (Copenhagen), met her Danish host family (who seem fabulous), and took a walk around the lake in her own town (Birkerød, just outside of Copenhagen, but maybe still considered part of it, I think). Yesterday, we got up nice and early (Rachel had to go to class), and Rachel sent me by train to a harbor town just south of Copenhagen called Køge, which preserves a lot of the architecture and stuff of an old Danish village with timber houses and tiled roofs and an old church and things like that. It was really a neat little place, and the weather was absolutely terrific. My favorite part was probably the church I went to, which was unlike the ones I've seen in my other travels. It was fairly ornate, but had a different style of frescoes and used ornate wood carvings and such rather than all the marble or brick like I've seen in Rome and Ireland. Anyway, once I was
A true Dane!A true Dane!A true Dane!

Okay, well maybe not. But doesn't Rachel look happy to see me??
done with that, I went north on the train to another coastal town and got a glimpse of the beach. As it was still gorgeous out, I sat on the beach for a little while before heading back to Copenhagen to meet Rachel.

Once in Copenhagen, Rachel gave me her grand tour so I could get a feel for the city. We ate lunch at a pizza/taco buffet near her school and then went down the Strøget, the longest walking street in the world, replete with shops and all those things. Then, we went to the harbor/canal and saw loads of people and ships and such. We walked through Østerbro, which has a pretty park and a cool little mermaid statue (in honor of Hans Christian Anderson), and also saw the royal palace (where the queen lives) and a couple other cool churches. We then took the train back to Nørreport (near where her school is), saw a cool castle built by King Christian IV and chilled out in a park. Then, we got danishes at a nearby bakery before heading to Rachel's school for free drinks and chips (celebrating the end of the school year).

Yesterday evening,
Old buildings=pretty!Old buildings=pretty!Old buildings=pretty!

A cool building in Køge
we went to Tivoli, a park/carnival place permanently downtown with rides and all kinds of vendors and things. There were flowers EVERYWHERE and the lights were beautiful when the sun when down. It was quite an atmosphere! Anyway, Tivoli was a really cool place quite unlike most places I've been!

Today, Rachel and I are planning on heading up to Elsinore castle (the place Hamlet was based on) and maybe some of the northern coast of Zealand (the island Copenhagen is on). I think it will be fun, but I have to get going now! Lunch and then off for more traveling! Yay!

Additional photos below
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Inside the churchInside the church
Inside the church

Køge, Denmark
Inside the churchInside the church
Inside the church

Køge, Denmark
Cool carvingCool carving
Cool carving

On pew in church in Køge, Denmark
More cool pew carvingsMore cool pew carvings
More cool pew carvings

Church in Køge, Denmark
Half-timber houseHalf-timber house
Half-timber house

Køge, Denmark
Harbor in KøgeHarbor in Køge
Harbor in Køge

Oooo! Pretty colors!

Yeah, in Copenhagen... I love the colors!
Work it, Rachel!Work it, Rachel!
Work it, Rachel!

Rachel doing her thing in front of a fountain near the queen's palace in Copenhagen
No bull!No bull!
No bull!

Yep, those are really two bulls (or are they oxen) in a cool fountain... still in Copenhagen!
The Little MermaidThe Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid

Nope, not Rachel this time. But it is a mermaid (but I think her name is something Danish, rather than Ariel... my Disney dreams are shattered!)
Rosenborg PalaceRosenborg Palace
Rosenborg Palace

In Copenhagen

What fun! What color! Yay Copenhagen!
Tivoli at nightTivoli at night
Tivoli at night


23rd August 2005

these are cool fotos . i bet yoos had the best time there in danemark.

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