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April 26th 2014
Published: January 15th 2016
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I left Amsterdam early and had to board a train back to Eindhoven to catch my flight to Denmark. Uncle Ronny lived in Copenhagen and it had been about 17 years since I last visited him there. He was waiting for me at the arrival gate. It was good to see him. We rode the train from the airport into the heart of CPH. Ronny lived only a few blocks from the central station, in an area that had once been heavily industrialized but was now booming with cafes and bars strewn about. The apartment was on the sixth floor and I remembered his place well but not much else about the city. I met his two cats and we had a bite to eat before embarking on a leisurely ride to the neighborhood of Christiania to visit Monica and Jamie, friends of Ronny's whom I remembered from my previous trip. Christiania was an old hippie neighborhood with grafitti and dealers seemingly selling weed in the open but it had its own very unique charm. We sat in Monica and Jamie's backyard and had some beers. We then rode to Ronny's other friends Pia, and couple Leif and Snorre's condo and had Norweigian waffles and a lot of booze. We were very tipsy as we rode back.

The next day we met up with Cassio, Ronny's ex-boyfriend who had come from Brazil and now only lived about a five minute bike ride away. It was good seeing him too, and after chilling out at his small apartment we decided, using Cassio's car, to go to a small fishing village in the south part of Zeeland, the island on which CPH was situated. We had some ice cream and then went to the beach, although it was too cold to truly swim, we all walked along for a bit. We continued on and found a super chill bar along the water and had some beers there as the sun begun to descend. That night we biked with Cassio and got some revolving sushi from a neat restaurant. I was freaking out over how cool the concept was, and I gorged myself. Later on that night we ended up going to Tivoli, the vintage amusement park in the center of town and only minutes from Ronny's. We strolled through the park, played some games, and went on a cheesy roller coaster. It brought back memories of being in Tivoli when I was young.

It was Sunday and we decided to take the bikes on a train ride north to an old royal hunting park and bike all the way back to CPH. We passed through Baaken, the oldest amusement park in the world and had some traditional Danish food for lunch. We then biked along the shore on the way back and stopped to see the famous Hans Christen Anderson inspired little mermaid statue. From there we rode along through CPH with Ronny acting as my personal tour guide and showing me most of the noteworthy sites, including the royal palace and beautiful sites along the waterway. We biked for many more hours before retiring back to his apartment to rest up. Later on that night we visited a friend of his who worked at a nearby hotel.

The next morning I decided I would explore a few towns in nearby Sweden. I spent the early morning with Ronny as we checked out the Round Tower. I climbed the circular ascension all the way to the top to get a great view of the city. I understood once again why this was called the city of towers. We had an early lunch consisting of amazing street side hot dogs. I took the train in with Ronny, as he was stopping at the airport station on his way to Chicago for work. We parted ways there and I continued on across the mighty Oresund bridge-tunnel and into Swedish mainland. The train rode through picturesque farmland and continued all the way to the university town of Lund. Once I got there I explored the town by foot and checked out the cathedral and botanical gardens. A few hours later I took the train back down to the town of Malmo and again walked the area for a few hours taking some pictures along the way. The sun was beginning to dip as I made my way back to CPH. With Ronny away, I had the whole apartment to myself and chilled out with his cats. I was pretty tired from all the walking I had done.

I woke up early and got all my things packed. I made sure everything was in order at the apartment and Ronny called me to make sure I hadn't burned the place down (and to see how I was doing). I made my to the central train station and stopped for my final street vendor hot dog in this land. As I headed to the airport I wondered if and when I'd be back in this city. I was sure I would and hopeful it wouldn't be in another 17 years!

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