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March 30th 2009
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with scott and caity
It’s been nine weeks from today since I arrived in Denmark. Wow. It feels like I have been here for a lifetime. So many things have happened, both good and bad, and although it sounds predictably corny, I know my views on life and living life have been altered dramatically.
The environment an exchange student lives in is not always comfortable. It’s difficult to be a guest in someone’s house for months, to have enough energy to face every day with a positive outlook, and to be living on so little money. Going to school everyday is implausibly boring, as I cannot participate in most of the classes due to my lack of ability to speak Danish. However, my classmates are talkative and friendly, and make a lot of effort to include me. Some of the boys invited me to party with them on the Friday just passed, but three of my closest friends here; Scott, Prue and Caity, were coming to stay with me so I declined.
Making friends with the other exchange students is much easier than making friends with the Danes, mainly because we’re all in the same boat. I honestly have no complaints about the group of

he's getting married!
exchangers who are here in Denmark at the moment. They are a fantastic group of people; so diverse, so kind, and most importantly, a lot of fun!
The worst thing about exchange, apart from the homesickness, is knowing that this is only a temporary life, that the amazing people I’ve met may only be in my life for a few more months. This of course drives me to want to do everything; to spend as much time with my friends as possible, to see as much as possible, to live this short life to the fullest it can be. I spend so much time on facebook trying to keep in touch with the hundreds (literally) of new people I’ve come into contact with, as well as all my mates and family in Australia. There are some people I know will be there for me when I get back, but it saddens me at times to know that some people I was close to before I left will feel almost like strangers to me when I return. I’ll miss those people, but life keeps going and what will be, will be.
Next week, we have no school as it is the

im edward cullen.
Easter break. Scott has invited me to stay at his house for a week in the town of Odense, about 1.5 hours from Copenhagen. Felipe, a Brasillian exchanger, is turning 18 that weekend, so he is having a big party for it. I may also visit Prue in Aalborg if I get a chance.
Anyway, I’m still extremely tired from a weekend of solid partying, so I’m out.
Vi ses!
Oh, and a fun fact for the day: in Denmark, blu-tac is called Elephant snot. Weird!


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