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October 8th 2007
Published: October 8th 2007
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I'm sitting in Margaret's room waiting until 2 to leave for the airport...all of this is very out of order but there are still some notable activities which I did.

When I first got here Margaret and I went to the grocery store. Not just any grocery store but one that only has what it has. There was a random section of dollar-store-esque items from underwear to children's books. On a whim we bought some sniggles- there was a picture of ghosts, dolphins, and other random things on the package. Turns out they were an assortment of cookies. Yum. Another time at the grocery store we bought some yogurt for breakfast, and it looked like it came with a side of real fruit or fruit jelly. So we went to eat it the next morning and I decided to try the yogurt before mixing the jelly in. Hmmm, kind of thick and sweet. Ummmm....this is rice pudding! So, we accidentally had bought rice pudding. Whoops.

We also went to the cemetary where HC Andersen and Kierkegaard are buried. It was really beautiful and nice to wander around in. I enjoyed the watering cans next to the pump that you can put a coin in use.

One time we were on the train to go home (about a 25 minute ride) and then they said something which of course we didn't understand but people started getting off so we decided to follow suit....then a couple people were still on the train and the lights all turned off and the people outside started knocking on the window to alert them that, yes, they probably should get off the train. So then we had to wait 15 minutes at like 11:30 (I was pretty tired at this time) for the next train...and it had been raining...yUCK

One of the most unique things here is Christiania. It is nestled in the city and it is truely an interesting experience. People think of hippies and hash, which isn't entirely inaccurate-but the most enjoyable part was how peaceful it felt in there. Along the main road it is a little creepy because there are some odd characters sitting outside drinking at bars, but other than that it is very neat. We ate lunch at a vegetarian restaurant which was simply delicious. The soup was wonderful and the bread and *butter* were so fresh. I loved their playgrounds, they were made to be fun, not necessarily safe. The give/take stand was particularly charming. Although from the looks of it, you don't want to touch anything in that stand. I took some pictures but you can't on the main road (because of illegal activities I guess), so I guess you can just wonder about it. The government is set to phase Christiania out in the next 10 years, but it will be interesting to see how people react when that time comes. They're big into protesting here.

Things I've learned:

Become a better liar, or even just a little bit of one. When some creepy guy asks, you are in fact married/engaged/taken.

Although I already do have vivid and wacky dreams, they only get more weird and slightly horrific with malaria medication. Although swimming in typhoon sized waves can be pretty fun in a dream. Vampire kittens are not. Nor is trying to escape from a scary mental hospital.

Denmark-lots of bikes, punky kids--protesting, GASP, tax cuts.

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15th October 2007

Vampire Kittens
Just remember to when using the holy hand grenade to pull the pin and throw on the count of three not one, not two, but three. I hope you are having a good time in Africa (at least thats where I think you are) and that my Monty Python reference makes some sense to you. -Sean

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