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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 14th 2014

For certain people who asked me for "foodie" photos, I have this 12 day gastronome for you!! So.... On the first day of Christmas, my travel gave to me: A bowl of goulash in a cob bowl!!... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Josefov December 12th 2014

Prague / Praha Days 12- 15 It has been said that “Prague’s history reads like a James Michener novel, filled with epic ascents and just as epic declines. The city reached its zenith in the 14th century under Charles IV as the capital of the then Holy Roman Empire. A century later, it lay in ruin, the result of the Hussite Wars. At the end of the 16th century, Prague was back on top as the capital of the Habsburg Empire ruled over by the daft but benevolent Rudolf II. But just a few years later, the Thirty Years War ushered in decades more misery. Modern history is no less dramatic: a young democracy emerges in 1918, it’s trampled in succession by the Nazis and the Soviets, and then saved in 1989 by a mild-mannered playwright-president ... read more
Astronomical clock
Castle guard

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Kobylisy December 3rd 2014

V úvodní kapitole se seznámíte s našimi dvěma hrdiny, kteří se vydají se dvěma modrými bicykly do Vietnamu, jenž chtějí za dva měsíce projet od severu na jih. Tento dopravní prostředek sbalí do krabic a letecky se přemístí přes Moskvu do Hanoje. Balení kol do vhodných krabic nám zabralo více než 32 hodin (podívat se můžete zde Váhový limit Aeroflotu je 24 kg na jedno odbavené zavazadlo. Vzhledem k tomu, že jsme převáželi zásilku kila salámu a kila lázeňských oplatek a kola včetně nosičů váží kolem dvaceti kilo, moc dalších věcí jsme už nepobrali. Večer před odjezdem jsme se dívali na naše krabice, zprávy, sebe navzájem a s hrůzou sledovali, jak z nebe padají kusy ledu a přimrzávají na vozovce... Bylo zjevné, že bez automobilového převozu na letiště se vzhledem k rozměrům krabic neob... read more
První dojem z Moskvy
Náš adventní kalendář, na pozadí "Putin, můj prezident"
Výhled působil dost mrazivě

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague December 3rd 2014

So I fell majorly out of love with my blog when it decided to delete a whole post that I had spent a hours (well, a long time) writing which is why I haven’t posted on here for a while. I’ve now forgiven it slightly and am writing this slightly mammoth post /the following mammoth posts on Word. Waaaaay back on 11th November there was a bank holiday in Burgenland called ‘Martini’, and since I spent every lesson leading up to this week being told the story in various different fragments by the students (hence I heard it over 20 times) it’s only fair that I record it. ‘A long time ago there was a man called Martin who lived in Burgenland. He was walking through the streets one day and he saw a poor, homeless ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 24th 2014

Of the twenty cities on three continents that Kristina and I have visited together in the last two years--in addition to the scores of others we've traveled to separately--Prague is unquestionably our favorite. If fifth place was worth a medal, this town would give Phelps a run for his money; it ranks number five on both Tripadvisor's best destinations 2014 (after Istanbul, Rome, London, and Beijing) and the list of most visited cities in Europe (after Paris, London, Istanbul, and Rome). Contributing to this meteorologic rise in popularity was the fall of communism two decades ago, because before then, this city was left for dead amidst civil unrest, economic instability, and political turmoil. Give this town another twenty years and it may even surpass the "Big Three" in the number of visitors, but for now, it's ... read more
Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square
Mostecka in Mala Strana
Strahov Monastery Library

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town November 11th 2014

Tim and I went for an early morning walk so that we could have a quieter, uninterrupted view of the river and its bridges. It was a bit damp and very misty but there were no crowds; just the early morning smell of pastries and various sausages fills the air as food vendors start their day. Sketch artists, souvenir sellers and performers claim prime positions as early morning joggers test their bodies on the Charles Bridge and the New Town hills. A few fisherman and a flock of seagulls provide the only action on the water as the river boats were yet to start their day. We had a coffee in the Old Town before heading back to stir up the others and have some breakfast. After breakfast we all walked to the district across the ... read more
Fishermen on the river Vltava
Charles Bridge before the rush!
Charles Bridge Gate leading into the Old Town

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town November 10th 2014

We were up and ready by 9am to head off into the world of dentistry. We chose the American Dental Clinic as it was only about 10 minutes away and showed promise. All the dentists were Czech but language was not an issue. The building it was housed in did not list it as an occupant and, after talking to the receptionist at the main counter, we learnt that this was for a good reason. They had relocated some time ago to the other side of town about 30 minutes by car. I figured that if this was wrong on their website then maybe the times are too. It was back to the Emergency Clinic and objections to this plan had to be sent in triplicate 24 hrs earlier; in other words, let's go! The Clinic ... read more
Street scene from Powder Tower
Coloured glass is a favourite in Prague, for good reason.
Charles Bridge Gate

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town November 8th 2014

Today we rose at 3.40 , had breakfast and walked to the underground Met train. Three stops later and we arrived at Budapest Central Station to catch our ride to Prague. It was a day ticket in 1st class and there were few passengers so we could spread out and relax. This trip left at 5.25am and pulled into Prague at 12.30 so there was still a little daylight left. Sue had developed a pain in a tooth that had been checked just before we left Australia ( don't you love dentists) so the first priority was to have it seen too. Tim had other things to attend too, so I looked up a few dentists and went to see the guy at reception. He suggested we go to the Prague Emergency Dentist about 15 minutes ... read more
Typical view from the train.
Czech Republic Village from the train.
Old Czech Railway Station

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 2nd 2014

Hello again! This week me and Greta sadly had to part ways, because she had a plane ticket to Australia, and the plane was fully booked. However, we had a great time together partying in Amsterdam , and we've talked about maybe meeting up again, in a few weeks or so. After she left I decided to take the bus to Kinderdjik, a beautiful little village an hour outside of the city. It was a bit touristy for me though. There I had dinner at an overpriced vegetarian restaurant, Grand Cafe buena vista, not even comparable to Terra Zen! After dinner, I went straight to the hotel and then to the train station. I hopped on a train to Berlin, and on the train bathroom I found a wallet! I looked in it and there where ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 27th 2014

Som två sanna äventyrare galopperar vi genom den tjeckiska höstnatten. Jag på min stolta Nazgul och Steven på sin något mer modesta packåsna. Hösten börjar bli kärv och vi har under morgonen och förmiddagen häckat i tältet för att vänta ut ett regnväder. Därför är vi sent ute men har ändå siktet inställt på att nå Shangi La och varmt myspys istället för ännu en natt i det fuktiga tältet. Vi har en adress och karta på datorn och utanför en tjeckisk liten håla går vi runt med ficklampor för att lokalisera detta buddhistiska himmelrike. Vi blir mycket besvikna när vi står utanför en igenbommad litet hus som knappast kan rymma 25 kursdeltagare + boende och en guru. Trötta rider vi tillbaka till byn och in på puben för att fråga om vägen. Det visar sig ... read more

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