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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 28th 2014

As the title says, it was freezing in Prague today and looks likely to continue. It was -7 out of the wind and -15 in it and we were in it most of the day. That was without it snowing to plummet temperatures even further. We were met at 11 am by a Prague City tour company and eventually grouped with others for the tour. There were 19 of us and all could speak English so our guide, Eva, spoke only in English. The first half hour was in a minibus where we had an overview of the old city and on up to Prague Castle on the hill where we were left to do the rest of the tour on foot. What we learnt on the tour is too much for this blog and it ... read more
St Vitus cathedral
The angel inlights
The Old Town Square at night

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 27th 2014

It is really, really cold today, like I have not experienced before. It was -11 degrees in Eisenstein with more snow falling over night. The skiers will be happy. While we were waiting to leave for the train we heard brass band music out in the street. I investigated to find the band moving from house to house. When Ulrike arrived she explained that this happens every year and can be from 8.30 until 22.00 over 2 or more days as they cover the whole town. It is to wish good luck for the New Year. It is of course interspersed with alcohol to keep them warm. They must have been absolutely freezing standing out in the snow all day. And so we said farewell to Ulrike, Bavarian Forest Holidays, Bayerisch Eisenstein, The Bavarian Forest, our ... read more
The border Czech side at Eisenstein

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague December 18th 2014

DAY 1 We reached Prague about an hour and a half late from our early morning bus ride that started in Munich. We encountered a lot of traffic and rain on the way so we were a bit irritable, hungry and tired when we reached. Not a great start to this wonderful city. On reaching our hotel- Hilton Prague, we quickly checked in and had some lunch and tea. With our stomach’s full and energy back up, we took the 20 min tram ride into the Old Town (the main town square of Prague) by about 4 PM. It’s a wonder how we figured how to get to Old Town and even buy tram tickets, since almost nobody knows any English here! Even carrying a pocket language guide would have probably not helped because Czech is ... read more
Old fashioned streets
Coffee & Cake stop
St. Vitus' Cathedral

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 15th 2014

Prague Days 15-16 Well here we are again, on the DB Ice Bus to Nurnberg onwards to Heidelberg. The landscape is stark, and cold looking, but no snow yet…apparently just not cold enough!! Brrrr, is all I can say, and we have lived in it for 10 years, but have become acclimatised to good old aussie temps! Oh well! So, our last two days and nights in Prague were great, but could have left a day earlier as we have walked this city over. Mark and I walked along Charles Bridge one more time, and purchased beautiful photographs from the actual photographer, simply stunning and sum up what we saw beautifully. Will take some pics of them and post if possible. This is a city of many different faces. Exciting, enticing, stunning & elegant, and yet ... read more
Champs Elyse Prague style (1)
Mark & Honza in 11th centurary wine cellar that Charles 4th also sipped his wines in.  (1)
Pork knee joint for two

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region December 14th 2014

I really would have like to write this section today regarding Terezin Concentration Camp, but when I found this information below, from the Jewish Library, it sums up this experience very clearly, from history perspective. why tamper with fact to formulate information! In a nutshell, before you read below, I can say this about Terezin, it was a very surreal feeling being in this place, the camp and the ghetto. "Creepy" is the best way I can describe the feeling. Did I wonder if the ghosts of the past were travelling back on the bus with us, certainly did!! Did I get a better understanding of the Concentration camp, yes! As we went around the streets of the ghetto, your mind just wandered, how, why...constant in your thoughts. as drove out past the cemetery of both ... read more
Entrance to the Camp
firing squad
the jewish graves (1)

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 14th 2014

For certain people who asked me for "foodie" photos, I have this 12 day gastronome for you!! So.... On the first day of Christmas, my travel gave to me: A bowl of goulash in a cob bowl!!... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Josefov December 12th 2014

Prague / Praha Days 12- 15 It has been said that “Prague’s history reads like a James Michener novel, filled with epic ascents and just as epic declines. The city reached its zenith in the 14th century under Charles IV as the capital of the then Holy Roman Empire. A century later, it lay in ruin, the result of the Hussite Wars. At the end of the 16th century, Prague was back on top as the capital of the Habsburg Empire ruled over by the daft but benevolent Rudolf II. But just a few years later, the Thirty Years War ushered in decades more misery. Modern history is no less dramatic: a young democracy emerges in 1918, it’s trampled in succession by the Nazis and the Soviets, and then saved in 1989 by a mild-mannered playwright-president ... read more
Astronomical clock
Castle guard

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Kobylisy December 3rd 2014

V úvodní kapitole se seznámíte s našimi dvěma hrdiny, kteří se vydají se dvěma modrými bicykly do Vietnamu, jenž chtějí za dva měsíce projet od severu na jih. Tento dopravní prostředek sbalí do krabic a letecky se přemístí přes Moskvu do Hanoje. Balení kol do vhodných krabic nám zabralo více než 32 hodin (podívat se můžete zde Váhový limit Aeroflotu je 24 kg na jedno odbavené zavazadlo. Vzhledem k tomu, že jsme převáželi zásilku kila salámu a kila lázeňských oplatek a kola včetně nosičů váží kolem dvaceti kilo, moc dalších věcí jsme už nepobrali. Večer před odjezdem jsme se dívali na naše krabice, zprávy, sebe navzájem a s hrůzou sledovali, jak z nebe padají kusy ledu a přimrzávají na vozovce... Bylo zjevné, že bez automobilového převozu na letiště se vzhledem k rozměrům krabic neob... read more
První dojem z Moskvy
Náš adventní kalendář, na pozadí "Putin, můj prezident"
Výhled působil dost mrazivě

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague December 3rd 2014

So I fell majorly out of love with my blog when it decided to delete a whole post that I had spent a hours (well, a long time) writing which is why I haven’t posted on here for a while. I’ve now forgiven it slightly and am writing this slightly mammoth post /the following mammoth posts on Word. Waaaaay back on 11th November there was a bank holiday in Burgenland called ‘Martini’, and since I spent every lesson leading up to this week being told the story in various different fragments by the students (hence I heard it over 20 times) it’s only fair that I record it. ‘A long time ago there was a man called Martin who lived in Burgenland. He was walking through the streets one day and he saw a poor, homeless ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 24th 2014

Of the twenty cities on three continents that Kristina and I have visited together in the last two years--in addition to the scores of others we've traveled to separately--Prague is unquestionably our favorite. If fifth place was worth a medal, this town would give Phelps a run for his money; it ranks number five on both Tripadvisor's best destinations 2014 (after Istanbul, Rome, London, and Beijing) and the list of most visited cities in Europe (after Paris, London, Istanbul, and Rome). Contributing to this meteorologic rise in popularity was the fall of communism two decades ago, because before then, this city was left for dead amidst civil unrest, economic instability, and political turmoil. Give this town another twenty years and it may even surpass the "Big Three" in the number of visitors, but for now, it's ... read more
Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square
Mostecka in Mala Strana
Strahov Monastery Library

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