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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 31st 2005

We set off on the bus to Prague. On the way we stopped in Dreasden which was a quaint little town. Our stop in Dreasden was a new one for busabout and this poor little German woman got bombarded by the hungry tourists. I don't think she had ever cooked that many snitzels at once in her life! We arrived in Prague and found our accomodation, a house/hostel run by an anal Czech lady. Unfortunately for us she knew our names within two minutes of our arrival and proceded to explain every rule/regulation and dimension of the house in detail. Matt even had to pass a test to see if he could get in the front door with the keys! In the evening we went to the square and strolled through the streets and ended up ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 31st 2005

I would greet you in Czech, but I can honestly say I did not learn a single word the entire weekend I was there. Thankfully, everyone spoke English. Prague is gorgeous. It feels different than any other city I have ever been to. The people are so distinct looking and pretty! That plus the architecture just made you want to sit down on the curb and never move. We arrived at 8 in the morning (our plane left at 5:30...eww) and spent a couple of hours trying to figure our way to the hostel. We finally found it (once we figured out everyone spoke English it was much easier). The name of the hostel is Heaven. The reason is that you have to climb down a mountain to get to it, but then you must climb ... read more
Prague at night (the main square)
Luke + me + Astronomical Tower

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 29th 2005

I had hoped to get up early and run through the old town square one more time but that didn't happen. I woke up plenty early thanks to a lyrical group of birds outside my window. I kept turning over hoping they would quiet down and tried to go back to sleep. Finally giving up I got up and got busy finishing packing. I had bought two bottles of Kofola last night to use as pillars in my duffle bag in hopes of cushioning any blows and weight placed on top of my bag. We'll see how it works... Walking into the breakfast room I noticed most of the people were rather young, I assumed they were staying in the hostel rooms. After a typical continental breakfast of meats, cheeses, and bread with coffee I asked ... read more

After another night of hostel action which included meeting a clown, quite literally and having sword fights with swords made from balloons we finally managed to get to the train station and make our way out to Kutna Hora, 75Kms from Prague. Upon arrival we all ate at the local pub which cost for all of us the same as it would for one meal in Prague. Kutna Hora at one point in time rivaled Prague in overall importance after having grown rich off the silver mines beneath it. The three most important buildings within this medieval town are Sedlec Ossuary, Cathedral of our Lady Sedlec and the Church of St Barbara (Yes mother, it is now confirmed, you are a Saint). I've never been to, nor will I ever find again, a place like Sedlec ... read more
Sedlec Ossuary
Sedlec Ossuary
Sedlec Ossuary

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 29th 2005

Wow! There is plain and simply no other way to start an entry about this fairytale city of ancient castles, cathedrals and bridges. Broadly the modern Czech republic is comprised of germanic like bohemia in the west and the wine loving slavic Moravia in the east. Whilst only established as an independent country in 1993 Czech has a deep and magic history that still reverberates through the centre of it all, Prague. Maticka Praha (Little Mother Prague ) as the locals call it is situated on the Vltava Riva and comprises of Hradcany(the castle district), Mala Strana (little quarter), Stare Mesto (Old Town) and Nove Mesto (new town). But lets not get confused here, the new town is an embryonic 657 years old! The town is dominated by the Prague Castle on the hill, King Charles ... read more
Town Hall
Town Hall
Town Hall

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 27th 2005

July 27: Prague, Czech Republic at Ariva Guesthouse Now we're in Prague in the very basement of this cave looking arcade place using the internet. We've been here for 5 days now and have not done a whole lot and have been enjoying sleeping in. The place we're staying at looked amazing on the internet but of course we got there and it was this musty smelling apartment and the hostel owner that it was all great because he decorated the room by painting the doors orange! But it works anyways and is a place to stay, plus we have our own room so that is nice. We also have a balcony but whenever we are on it you always have to keep one foot on steady ground because ya just don't know how sturdy ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 24th 2005

I returned to consumate tourist form today, and hit Prague Castle after a nice breakfast at the hotel. Top Hotel Praha, where I'm staying, actually runs two places. The Top Hotel proper, which is a four star joint, and then the Garni wing, which is basically a high-end hostel. We get use of most of the Top Hotel's facilities (albeit for a price), and get their breakfast free. Hence, most of us gorged ourselves on a fairly decent buffet breakfast. Prague Castle, aside from not really looking like a castle, is huge.I was there for close to four hours, and I didn't really get to everything. Like the town, there's a potpurri of different architectural styles, often right next to each other. Apparently, the people here get tired of the same look after a while, so ... read more
St. Vitus' Cathedral
Colourful Masterpieces

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 23rd 2005

Today was a travel date, and the 8am bus departure was extremely unpleasant given the night I'd just had. Did pass out for a bit, so I wasn't a complete wreck. We were stuck in traffic jam for an hour, so our stop in Dresden was a ten minute scramble. There was a long break after the Czech border however, and an unexpected one at that. Busabout apparently makes a "bonus" stop for a tour of Terezin. I had calculated my last bank withdrawl so that I'd basically run out of euros by today, and rather unfortunately, I was right on the mark. Hence, I had to borrow money for the tour of Terezin. The tour itself was rather ill-timed. Our scramble to make up time lost to the traffic jam had left us with no ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 18th 2005

Ok, so Prague wasn’t all that bad. When I was there though it was crowded. But the crowds were all congregated in one area, Old Town Square, which contained all the main sights. Also Charles Bridge and the Castle were crowded. However, it was very easy to get away. All we had to do was wander away from the tourist sights and we were pretty much on our own and able to discover little local bars and restaurants. The main trouble I found in Prague though were the roving bands of dudes. After that first night I found out that these were actually British stag parties. There are cheap package deals offered for “Prague Piss-ups”. So these lads come over in packs of up to 20 and drink themselves into a stupor and act loud and ... read more
Charles Bridge
Prague Castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 15th 2005

I had wanted to go to Prague ever since I became aware of its existence. Before the Iron Curtain fell Prague was just a name to me. However, after the break up of the communist block reports began to get back to me that suggested at a magical city. They told of medieval buildings that harkened back to a dark and mysterious past. They told of the hypnotizing stillness of Charles Bridge just after sunset. They told of quaint indoor bars with wooden interiors serving top quality beer priced as if it were water. And then there was this rumor of this enchanted green spirit called Absinthe that had inspired the poets and artisans of the 19th Century. And now I was finally getting to go. The reality was a little different... My two friends and ... read more
Old Prague Square
Prague at Night
Town Square

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