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September 21st 2007
Published: September 21st 2007
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Hi Friends, Fans, and Family! Last greetings from the Czech Republic, and then off to Vienna. Today was one of those days we all love. It was a mild, sunny, fall day. We left busy Prague and took a train to the countryside and hill country. There we boarded another smaller train to go farther into the hills. Upon one of those hills sits an old hunting castle with a varied and long history. Before hiking the last bit to the castle, we had a light lunch in the village at the base of the castle. We sat outside because it was such a beautiful day. I had a noodle soup and excellent hot chocolate. Don't ask me why I had hot chocolate on a warm day. It just sounded good, and it was. Harold had a Polish sausage with what he thought was grated cheese, but after a bite discovered it was freshly grated horseradish. It was all very good, including the Kozel Black beer that Harold had. We are learning a lot about Czech history back to the 11 hundreds. It is varied and interesting. Blackguards, and heroes and heroines all intertwined in a never ending saga. We hope this message finds everyone in good health. Later, Carmen and Harold


22nd September 2007

great blogging
Enjoying your blog! Sounds great-glad the weather has improved for you! In honor of your travels we made sauerbraten this week! Don't eat too many pastries in Vienna!!!???
23rd September 2007

Journal Entries
I finally figured out how to get to your travel blog and read all of the entries. Sounds like the trip is going well! Carmen, you sound surprised that you would be drinking hot chocolate on a warm day. The key word there is chocolate, Carmen, not hot! We'll be looking forward to the pics and tales when you return. By the way, the Ducks beat Stanford 55-31 tonight. Apparently it was tied at 31-31, so it wasn't the blowout that was predicted. Bill

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