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Cesky Krumlov Day 5-6 (May 23-24) We were fortunate to have a mini-bus to take us to Cesky Krumlov which is over the border into the Czech Republic. The drive was through very scenic and green countryside, always with a red-roofed village appearing with lovely church towers in the distance. Cesky Krumlov is a Bavarian town, that has belonged to various countries. However, it’s Czech heritage is clearly established now. There is an impressive Castle from the 13th century which stands above the town. It has been cleaned up, and the paint that had been part of a renovation by certain Kings, has been removed revealing amazing frescos over most of the towers. The custodians have chosen not to try and repaint these, rather cleaning up only and leaving them slightly faded but all the better ... read more
Church from lane
stream and buildings
Castle Cesky Krumlov tower

Ok I am back After a 4 hour train ride from Berlin I arrived in Prague. After 20 minutes of trying to find my hostel i discoverd it was down the road and around the corner from the station! Oh well live and learn. So Prague....It is like being transported back in time I saw the Astronomical clock and got to see the little skeleton bang the gong and the characters come out when it was 6pm. That was cool. I walked the Charles Bridge I saw Prague Castle and the Cathedral (that climb up the hill was a biznatch!) Ive noticed that there are many Italian restaurants in Prague(go figure) So i had a tortallini with cream sauce and bacon that was the first hot meal that i had had in a while it was ... read more
Bone Church
Me in the Church
The Church

Amber's Journal: Today was a beautiful day in Casky Krumlov. I know yesterday I said it wasn't as great as I thought it would be but today I changed my mind. It really is a cute little town. This morning we spent some time chatting with Jiri our host. He was about our age so it was cool talking to him. We toured the castle this morning, well, the outside of it anyway. We didn't think it would be worth it to pay for a tour of the inside. The outside is cool though and built right into the rocks on a cliff. The front of the castle has bear pits with three huge bears, which is random, but still cool. We also went up into the huge tower which was pretty cool. The old bell ... read more
view from castle window
View of the Castle from the Tower
View from the castle

Amber's Journal: Today was our last day in Prague. We got up this morning and drove to the mission home to attend church. There were a lot of detours so we were lost and late but we finally made it. The people there were very nice and they had an interpreter for those of us who don't know Czech. There were actually quite a few english speakers there, enough to have their own Sunday School and EQ/ RS classes. This is the only ward in the area so they were bursting at the seams but it was great to see people excited about the gospel in a city that is predominantly agnostic/atheist. On a side note I've forgotten to mention that the Czech's LOVE beer and drink it with every mean; a ton of people here ... read more
Cute village in the Czech Countryside
Cool shot down a street in Cesky Krumlov
Hluboka Castle

I did a day trip to Cesky Krumlove and the bus ticket there was a horrible ripoff. Get the student agency buses or the other company that'll give an ISIC discount. I paid about 50% more to get there but managed to get a student discount price back. That said, it's usually much cheaper to just buy a ticket on the bus - they won't give a student discount and it's cash only but it's a lot cheaper and much more pleasant to deal with the bus driver. Just make sure to book early with student agency since they sell out really fast and almost never have seats you can buy from the driver. I got to Cesky Krumlove but not much was open out of the tourist season. the two most interesting places - the ... read more

Hello again, Well it has been an amazing week. I think i last left off when we were about to head to bruge for a day trip. Bruge was fantastci very cute little town with venice style waterways meandering throught the city. Highlights, were the bell tower, which almost made me crap my pants when it went off whilst we were enjoying the view. for those who have seen the 'in bruges' movie of late, it is a bit spooky standing outside the bell tower and imagining that guys smashed up head...its not a great flick, but the town is great. We went for a wander to see the sights, and a really sweet little area, which was many hundreds of years ago, was where the spinsters, widows and women of faith used to live. Scotty ... read more
Brugge Street Scape
Scottys Apple Tart
Snow in Prague

Europe » Czech Republic » South Bohemian Region » Cesky Krumlov September 27th 2008

Day 23 (Saturday, September 27th) Today was our last morning in Vienna, and we had a 10:30 train departure to begin our journey to Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. We awoke early as we had hoped to visit Hundertwasserhaus, which was an apartment complex whose façade had been colorfully designed by an Austrian artist named Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The apartments were located outside of central Vienna, so it took about 20 minutes to get there via the metro. After we left the metro station closest to Hundertwasserhaus, we walked the wrong way. By the time we figured out which way to go, we determined that we did not have enough time to finish walking to the building, walk all the way back to the metro, and then take the metro back to our hostel to check out. ... read more
Streets of Cesky Krumlov
Vltava River and Cesky Krumlov
Main square at night

Europe » Czech Republic » South Bohemian Region » Cesky Krumlov September 10th 2008

Great weather. Toured the castle. Dates back to 14th Century. Very interesting. Lots of walking. Included a bear pit with bear. Castle was owned by Rosenburg family initially. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Fairy tale town. Very few people speak English. Food is different - can't read the menu. Beer is good. Off to Prague tomorrow. ... read more

Long day. Left Vancouver at 6 am and arrived Munich at 5:30 am local time. Picked up rental car and drove to Cesky Krumlov. Found the Pension Kadlec and then visited the old town. Tomorrow will visit the castle. Driving the German Motorways is an experience. Looks like a road race. ... read more
Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov

After 6 glorious days in Prague, we headed off to Cesky Krumlov in South Bohemia to find the weather was rotten and the campsite was beautiful, but pretty average facilities-wise. Although on the banks of the misty and picturesque lake Lipno, Coco summed it up by saying "the lake looks pretty from the tent but when you go down there, there's lots of gross stuff" (the lake isn't actually dirty, but loads of fishermen means lots of scales, bones and beercans line the shore). We made the most of the bad weather though, by spending the afternoon "packing our faces" (as they say in Edinburgh) and playing boardgames. The campsite was happy to let people build campfires so we had an awesome evening making gourmet baked potatoes and trying to stop Aidan landing in the fire. ... read more
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