What Bears?!?!?!

Published: March 20th 2010
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I made my way from the hustle and bustle of Praha to the quaint and beautiful Cesky Krumlov. As I had arrived late in the day, the hostel staff informed me that I should go straight to the grocery store if I wanted to buy any food for dinner because in this small town everything closes at 5pm and sometimes 4pm. So I went straight to the grocery store and grabbed a few things at the very small store. After the store I went over to get a quick look at the castle before it was too late.

The castle is beautiful and painted in so many colours! As I first walked in through the gates I saw a sign that said “don’t feed the bears” and at first I was really confused because I thought it was some strange Czech joke that I didn’t understand because I didn’t see any bears nor did I have any idea that there would be any. So then I stood up along a wall and looked down to the side of the castle and saw that there was abear pit there with many bear foot prints left in the snow. So there really are bears. I walked around inside for a short while and was very excited to return the next day with my camera.


3rd April 2010

Bears in the City
Ok now this is crazy - bears. Don't be crazy like your sister Kristie and get to close. My heart is already beating to fast with panick. Those are fat big paw prints meaning a big fat bear who might be still hungry.
16th April 2010

Hey now who is calling me crazy?!!? And Bears don't hurt anyone... unless provoked, hungry, angry, etc. And the only thing you have to worry about is being faster than everybody else!

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