Cesky Krumlov...the forgotten city

Published: March 17th 2007
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The first viewThe first viewThe first view

The beautiful Vltava (pronounced Vultava) and such.
Today we went on a day trip from Prague to Cesky Krumlov, a city that has not changed much since the Renaissance. You enter the town through, or under rather, the castle gate and immediatly in front of you is a small medieval town. The Vltava, the same river that runs through Prague, also passes through Cesky Krumlov, only its much smaller and calmer. There are a ton of little cafes and restuarants, the whole town is really enchanting. The buildings are all pretty much original and it made it much easier to picture exactly what the Renaissance town would look like, but still difficult to picture the people bustling about the town. I tried to imagine the stereotypical "barmaid wench" fetching water from the well and the peddlers in the main square trying to hawk me spices from "far away lands..." but my imagination could only go so far. There were a couple of people dressed for the part to lure the tourists into their shops, though the town was pretty empty otherwise. It would probably be a perfect summer getaway town but the weather today was pretty dreary. All in all, definitly a recommended place to visit in the Czech Republic.
P.S. After glancing through my pictures from Cesky Krumlov, I realized it reminds me of the "provincial little town" from Beauty and the Beast.

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The GaurdThe Gaurd
The Gaurd

This Bear protects the castle from every form of attack...
The CastleThe Castle
The Castle

A bridge connecting two parts of the castle.
The Beauty and the Beast shot...The Beauty and the Beast shot...
The Beauty and the Beast shot...

"Little town, its a quiet village...bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!"
Marie!  The baguettes, hurry up!!Marie!  The baguettes, hurry up!!
Marie! The baguettes, hurry up!!

There must be more than this provincial life...
Here's where she meets Prince CharmingHere's where she meets Prince Charming
Here's where she meets Prince Charming

...but she won't discover that its him 'til chapter three.
Wow Gaston, you're the greatest hunter in the world!Wow Gaston, you're the greatest hunter in the world!
Wow Gaston, you're the greatest hunter in the world!

The inventor's daughter?! Don't I deserve the best! So I'm making plans to woo and marry Belle.
Inside the Castle...Inside the Castle...
Inside the Castle...

"she really is a funny girl...that Belle."
Crazy JesterCrazy Jester
Crazy Jester

This scene was also difficult to picture.

17th March 2007

I think your analogy is perfect, and the captions cute. You're right it does remind me of Beauty and the Beast...maybe I'll have to shoot my version here, hmmmmmmmm?
18th March 2007

Stood on the bridge
Hey, you probably would believe that G'ma and I stood on the same bridge and took the same picture of the waterfall. I think I have a better picture of the castle. We didn't go inside, but then we were there in March and it was a lot colder. Now, if you make the Budweiser brewery tour, you will have done everything we did. Love always, Uncle G

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