One of the Prettiest Towns in Europe

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A sewer capA sewer capA sewer cap

All the holes were covered with ornate covers.
Our guidebook calls it "one of the most beautiful little towns in Europe," and we both have to agree; so adorable, sitting in a river valley, with rolling green hills all around, and old castle on a hill, narrow cobblestone streets, and perfect little shops and restaurants. It's exactly what you think of when you hear "European village." Yes, it's pretty touristy, and most of the centre of town focuses on the tourist trade, but somehow this town retains its authenticity. Just walking a few minutes from the center gets you into real life; we enjoyed walking along the riverbank a ways and getting lost in the winding side streets.

Hostel 99, where we stayed, was laid back, nice, and we wished we had more days to hang out. We ate goulash with pork dumplings, one of the traditional Czech dishes, and later we found a small pub for a few local brews. Very cold out so we ended our night with soup and wine by the fireplace at our hostel.

Just a taste of the Czech Republic...this is a country we'd like to visit again.

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Map of Czesky KrumluvMap of Czesky Krumluv
Map of Czesky Krumluv

The central part of town was surrounded by the river.
Riverbank in Czesky KrumluvRiverbank in Czesky Krumluv
Riverbank in Czesky Krumluv

The river winds through the town like a snake so most of the views are picturesque.
Can you find "Wally"?Can you find "Wally"?
Can you find "Wally"?

Heidi loved the autumn leaves in Czesky Krumluv.
Heidi and Dan above Czesky KrumluvHeidi and Dan above Czesky Krumluv
Heidi and Dan above Czesky Krumluv

The castle is behind us. Who's the hairy monster with you, Heidi???
The room in our hostelThe room in our hostel
The room in our hostel

The hostel was called 'Hostel 99,' and apparently it features in the movie 'HOSTEL'... AHHHHHH!!!

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