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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 31st 2006

Bill -- We live right beside the Sarka Valley, a beautiful national reserve that is quite unspoiled. On the ridge across from the seminary there is a large building right on top the ridge. To me it is horizon pollution and shows how good it is that the valley has been set aside as a national reserve that will remain an unspoiled place of natural beauty in the years to come. Every time I look up on this ridge and see the building I am reminded of the UN building in New York. There is a slight resemblance ... at least in my mind. This building sits on the edge of a village, actually a part of Prague, that is hidden by the trees. Nearby there is a man made lake where the creek that runs ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 29th 2006

Ira has been here with her parents for a while but will stay here only this week more and will be returning home with them tomorrow. She has had a great time this week having a good time running and playing. One day she and another lovely child ran circles around the little wall in the dining room laughing and playing and then after becoming tired sitting on the bottom shelf of a section of shelving. It is fun to watch these kids ... if only I had their energy. Poor little Ira was playing this afternoon and fell hurting her hand. She looked so sad as she sat on her mother's lap, sucking her thumb for comfort. Several of us checked her hand carefully to be sure it wasn't swollen. She was very brave though ... read more
Little Ira, enjoying orange juice.
Ira and Sophie with their Mothers
Ira and her Mom

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 27th 2006

Getting a taxi from the airport was easy the only problem was when I got to my apartment. The taxi dropped me off with all my bags and zoomed off. I had the right building number but did not have a key or know which apartment it was. I looked at the names on the 20 buzzers, none the name of my Czech buddy or of the program. I had not sleep much at all and I couldn't carry all my bags myself. I had a phone number but no phone and was in a country I had never been and didn’t know the language. I was calming my self down trying to figure out what to do and getting my mind off all the pickpocket stuff I had just read on the plane. There was ... read more
Rejskova 10
Rejskova: The street I live on
The living room of my flat

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 27th 2006

Occasionally there is a special week here at the seminary and we have just finished one such week. This is the week when as many as possible of the Ph. D. students, both those who live here and those who study and work from their home locations come to IBTS to given presentations and to have their work reviewed. Needless to say there are many group meetings and many meetings between students and their advisors. Most of these students spend what free time they have working, studying and doing research in the seminary library. The range of topics they are working on is amazing. The results of some of this research will be important throughout the Christian world since it is really groundbreaking research. This is one of those weeks when the library is open each ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 25th 2006

Many people have visions of working in a library so they can sit and read books all day. Is this realistic? Not really. Another idea held by many is that working is a library is all mental and no physical work. Is this realistic. Also not true. A common problem in a library is crowded book shelves and this creates the f "What are we going to do with the new books that arrived in the mail?" dilemma. If you work in a technical library, say an engineering library, where technology is rapidly changing ,you simply throw the old, obsolute books away. Throw away has a rather negative meaning to many people, including management, so librarians call this "weeding." No one, well almost now one, likes weeds and pulling out weeds and throwing them away is ... read more
Nancy moving books
David helps us when he is not teaching

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 24th 2006

One of the really nice things about being in a place like IBTS is meeting new, friendly people and Sophie is a very friendly, nice, flirting young woman. Irish by heritage, a New Zealander, a real Kiwi, by birth we see her smiling face almost every day, usually in the dining room. Her parents are really a very neat young couple and it is obvious they love Sophie very much. Her dad says that "Sophie is happiest when she is outside." Maybe she will grow up to be one of those Kiwi's who love hiking through the mountains on the south island of New Zealand. Nancy- They told us since Sophie has been born they have found that many more people approach them and talk She has one of those smiles that just draws you toward ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 23rd 2006

Nancy -- You can’t imagine how wonderful today was .. and how cold. Yesterday Bill saw one friend from last year Vanessa and the two of us saw Kris. That was fantastic. We also ate breakfast with a returning lecturer Andrew who we had met last year. We started to get to know Mark, Bridget and their lovely extroverted 13 months old Sophie. I saw Bridget’s necklace and said, “You’ve either visited New Zealand or you are from there.” She had told me she was from New Zealand. Her Sophie looks so much like the daughter of our friends from Auckland when she was a baby! Same red hair and same big smile. So we were off to a good start. But today was even better. We got to see those folks again but then we ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 23rd 2006

Bill - The Russian cold front truly arrived overnight. I have a habit here of opening the window when I wake to see what the outside air temperature feels like. Well this morning when I opened the window in our apartment this morning a rush of COLD air smacked me in the face. “Whoa, it is cold out there,” I said to Nancy. “The Russians have arrived.” The air is a clean, dry cold, at least to we Marylanders who are used to the humid air of the Chesapeake Bay. Several people commented during the day that, “The air is humid.” “No, it isn’t,” we replied. “This is dry compared to where we come from.” We have been so pleased meeting and seeing our friends who are still here from last year. Often, it seems, we ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 21st 2006

Bill -- A safe arrival does not necessarily mean that all is as it should be. Well Nancy and I made it safely to Prague, but not all of our personal items. Nancy -- You already know some of the library materials almost went astray. But in our rooms after we had unpacked and put most things away I realized I didn’t have a single turtleneck sweater to wear. I had packed 3 but none were in the suitcases when we unpacked them. That got Bill to checking his things and he realized the two pair of shorts he put in for summer here were also AWOL. That started us on the search. No multivitamins, no aspirin, no Dove unscented soap, no black belts for my slacks, no toothpaste (neither Colgate nor Sensodyne), no Q-Tips. We ... read more
In Our Apartment
Out One of Our Windows

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 16th 2006

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