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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 1st 2005

DEUTSCHE VERSION WEITER UNTEN/GERMAN VERSION FURTHER DOWN After I’d been in Germany to look after Mum for about 2 months, Pierre came to visit me, and we decided to get to know a bit more of Eastern Europe (it’s cheap :-)). So, we got a car, threw in our backpacks and off we went for 2 weeks. Our first stop was in Munich as far as I remember (but I actually don’t remember a whole lot, maybe I should dig out my diary:-) - oh damn, it’s not here, it must be in Germany - hm, not easy if you don’t have a home…), then we moved on to Prague in one go. What a beautiful little city (apart from the truckloads of tourists!! Oooops, guess I’m one too?!!). The city center is right by the ... read more
Teyn Church near Market Square
Charles Bridge with Casle
Charles Bridge (Karluv Most)

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 29th 2005

Hello my beloved followers. Well, this is my last night in Prague and it has been interesting. It definetly is a beautiful place, but I think I am just overwhelmed by the tourists. THe only language I have heard in 3 days in English. From the unintelligible English of the rowdy Irish in the Irish pub, to the little old British couples sipping their tea to the scores of Americans and Aussies. I dont' think there are any Czech people in Prague. Everyone I know said "oh the people are beautiful, you'll be amazed." Well that is a vicious rumor. This is land of the mullets. I really think its not their fault, I really think this country is stuck in the 80's (which is A-OK by me!!!). I think what happened is that they had ... read more
Skater kids...
Charles Bridge
Beautiful sunset

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 29th 2005

Any and all email love is most appreciated. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 27th 2005

I just have time for a quick entry, but I wanted to send a quick update that I survived yet another night train with no problems...phew. Now i am in beautiful Prague. So for your entertainment, here are some stories about food. As many of you know, I am not exactly the most open-minded eater. I used to say nothing east of Italy...but now I have realized that really I should reconsider. make the area smaller. In Germany, I actually tried not a weiner schnitzal, but a schweiner schnitzal...consisting of swine of course. I felt quite proud. Then aside from my occasional stops at Burger King and the beloved kebab stops in Poland, I have branched out other times...whether I chose to or not. The first time happened in Germany. I was dying of thirst ... read more
what a great view...

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 24th 2005

here are some more pics, these are from last sunday. hopefully will have some time to walk around this weekend, and will post more pics when/if that happens. lots of homework to do this weekend, so we'll see.... read more
fred and ginger building
view opposite prague castle
view opposite prague castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 22nd 2005

hi everyone, well last weekend i finally got to see some of Prague. On Saturday I walked all over the place for several hours, happy to have some much-needed freedom. As you will see in the photos there are some pretty beautiful areas of this place. On Sunday my roommate Mike and I started out by checking out a Hussite Church during their morning service, a pretty amazing experience, old-school organ music, that sort of thing. No photos from there, didn't think it'd be appreciated by the church-folk. Then a generic bus tour all around the major attractions of Prague, which was cool because it gave us an overview of the city and all of it's major landmarks/historical spots. Later that night we saw a classical guitar performance by two Czech guitarists, pretty darn amazing if ... read more
side of charles bridge
charles bridge
charles bridge

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 21st 2005

We arrived in Prague on the 17th. We enjoyed many things from the incredible architecture to the very reasonable beer prices (less than $1.00US in some places). The first pic is of the Charles Bridge. There were several musicians and artists on the bridge selling their artwork and/or CD's. The second pic is the St. Vitus cathedral inside of the castle grounds. We climbed 287 steps to see a great view from the cathedrals's tower (the third pic). For the fourth one, this picture of Mary was taken by the castle. You can see the St. Nicholas cathedral (with the green dome) to the left. We went to an organ, trumpet, and voice concert there one evening. The fifth pic is one of the street and a good example of the different architectural styles. There are ... read more
St. Vitus Cathedral
Shot from Cathedral Tower
Mary at the Castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 17th 2005

hi everyone ahoy (that means hi) i've been in prague for a week now, and it's not what i expected. the people are a little cold and bitter, but the city itself is amazing. the whole week involved a lot of time at school, which sucks because i felt a bit like a caged animal, sitting in a classroom a block away from the old town square, and not able to get out and explore. i've had chances here and there to get around though, so it hasn't been all that bad. the daily routine includes a half-hour metro ride from our apartment (in the easternbloc ghetto, lot's of identical huge apartment buildings and graffiti and people not really interested in making eye contact let alone say hello) to the town center, a quick stop at ... read more
my roommates
old town square
statue near the old town

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 5th 2005

Good ol' super-touristy Prague. Beautiful city, but you can see how it has been transformed by tourism in recent years. One Czech guy told me that Prague people don't even go to the city center any more, it's all tourists. You can see the local backlash, especially against English stag parties (bachelor parties.) Signs with "no stag parties" or the like grace the front of a few bars. This statue is by David Cerni, a local artist. Although you can't really see the bottom of the pool in the pic, the image at the bottom of the pool that the two figures (presumably drunk tourists) are pissing on is the Czech flag.... read more
Cerni Statue
View of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle
Brase and I enjoying some Czech beer

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 1st 2005

Me and Charmaine decided with a long weekend upon us, we better go somewhere nice. So Prague it was! Jumped on the plane first thing (7:30am) Friday morning, we took off for the Czech Republic. When we were being driven to the hotel, we saw a little old lady get her bag snatched off her by some crim! Rough introduction to a place. Apart from that unpleasantness, the weather was amazing, everybody spoke English and with 40 Korun to the pound, it was going to be a good 4 days. So much to see, Prague is an incredibly old city but the people are so modern. They have some of the best beer in the world, great food, gorgeous women, and such culture. Over our 4 days we toured the Prague Castle, shot a crossbow, ate ... read more
Check out the colour of that water!
Lots of painted buildings
This is a top drop

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