Lessons Learned On My Trip To Prague - (Part 2)

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December 15th 2016
Published: December 15th 2016
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Tip 2: Seize on opportunities when they arise. Don’t allow your inner procrastinator to mislead you.

After disembarking the shuttle we immediately saw several currency exchange houses but I was anxious to get to our place and discouraged Rich from stopping. I was certain they would be all over the place, so I explained we should get settled first and then go to one closer to where we were staying.

Unfortunately we discovered there were no other currency exchange houses in our area, so we were cash-deprived for a while.

I had contacted Jake, our AirBnB host, from Frankfurt to give him our ETA which we guessed would be 3ish. I didn’t realize his rental wasn’t also his home. So, when we arrived at the front step of the apartment building, there was no indication how we were to enter. There were doorbells for each unit and, as I was considering starting to, and young guy approached and said the only thing he knew of located in the building was an office for a soccer league.

Panic flashed briefly. What if we had been scammed? We scanned the area, caught eye of a locale, and crossed our fingers they had free WiFi. With luggage in tow, smartphones close to their deaths, and the fear we had been given a false address, we plopped down in the unexpectedly un-airconditioned Cafe Kafir.

Across the counter, draught beer flowed freely into thick glass mugs and were distributed to customers as fast as they could be poured. Waiters rushed by us carrying several mugs at a time, mugs that were filled with an equal amounts of beer and foam. We ordered a couple ourselves, tore open my suitcase digging around until I located our adapter in order to charge my phone.


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