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July 28th 2016
Published: August 2nd 2016
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Am I dreaming or are we in Prague?

Kirsten reach’s over and pinches me OUCH!!

You’re not dreaming, now hurry up and take your shower and get dressed. I’ll be in the restaurant having breakfast the door slams shut as Kirsten leaves. I rollover and think I’m getting another 30 minutes….. as the door opens, I knew you would do that get up we have Prague to see.

Ok! Ok! Ok!

Breakfast was good all the soft eggs I wanted, along with meats and cheeses. Yummy….

Our room at IBIS had a balcony over looking Prague. It is located a block off the Wencelas Square, where the Velvet Revolution was held. Way to much history to write but well worth Googling. Look it up…. the communists were over thrown without even shooting a gun. Now that’s a revolution.

We checked out and up the street we went toward the metro with our rollie suitcases in tow. Well, it’s more like I’m following Kirsten and trying to keep up.

After multiple metro changes and escalators and “tauzands” of people. (European pronunciation of thousands).

And yes, I was in everyone’s way, I made ya’ll very proud of me as always.

We roll into the Hilton and all of the sudden I’m standing in the Gaylord Palms in Orlando. What happened, this must be one of those portal things. Inside I’m in Orlando, I step out and I’m in Prague. Now that’s cool, except the doorman is not humored.

We check in and drop our bags at the front desk. Out the door to do Prague on our own.

We walked into Old town and found the St James church. This church is famous for the wooden carved Pieta. You know the marble statue of Mary holding Jesus after being taken down from the cross located in the Vatican. Yeah, now you remember. Looks the same just wooden. While lighting a candle for momma about 250 kids came rushing in with their preacher.

After a while we decided to have a cappuccino in Old Town Square and read the DK book about all the buildings. Well, Kirsten read I listened and sipped my cappuccino.


It turns out lots of kids and I mean tauzands of kids were in Prague and Europe working their way to Poland to hear the Pope. How cool is that.

After our break, we walked through the Jewish Quarter making our way to Charles Bridge.

Ok, again way to much history to write about the Charles Bridge. Except for one guy. He was St John Nepomuk, the King tortured and killed him. Why you ask, well the queen confessed to some sin(s) and the king want to know what she did and ole St John wouldn’t tell. So the king killed him, hmmm sounds like someone running for president doesn’t it.

After crossing the bridge, we decided to go up the mountain or as the Czechs call it Petrin Park. There is this cool cog train to take you to the top. Well, the line was major long and we decided to walk up the mountain. The only thing that kept me going was Kirsten promising me a beer once I reached the top. Let me tell you it’ll take more than one beer.

Well we made it and I got my beer and a brat. Hmm, good. At the top is an Elfie Tower, which as build like the one in Paris, only it’s a quarter the scale. Still tall, just not as tall.

We found the Mirror Room, you have to pay to get, hmmm I’ll have another beer, also there’s a line.

From the park we walked to Monastery. Here the monks have a Vineyard and Brewery. My kind of church, you’d think the Southern Baptist could learn something here. You know I bet attendance & tithing would increase. Just saying…

From the monastery we took the tram to the Palace and St Vitus Cathedral, we walked around knowing that our tour would include this tour tomorrow.

From the palace we walked down the rest of the mountain to the river. Metro’d over to the Hilton Hotel and check in officially. Ok, again once we walked through the door bam we were back in Orlando. How cool is that.

I took a nap, Kirsten did something; I don’t know I was asleep.

Around 5pm we decided to fine some dinner. We metro’d to Old Town. I asked Kirsten where she would like to eat and she couldn’t decide. I made a few suggestions but was striking out big time. I went for the Hail Mary and suggested a pizza; Kirsten eyes lit up and I knew I had a touchdown!

After a fun and delightful dinner we walked back to the old town square and watched Big Clock strike 9 o’clock.

We made our way back to the Hilton. Brian told us to check out the roof top bar. So Kirsten and I went up to watch the sunset and enjoy another drink. It was very nice, thanks Brian for the suggestion.

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2nd August 2016

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