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March 3rd 2006
Published: March 3rd 2006
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Nancy on the TrailNancy on the TrailNancy on the Trail

I took a picture of Nancy at this same spot last year on our first walk up the Sarka Valley. Fortunately we survived that walk. The trail was deep in ice that day.
We have gotten very little walking in since we arrived back on January 20th and this morning we decided that "this has to change." So after lunch we walked to the trail that goes up the Sarka Valley, strapped on our Yaktraxs and headed up-stream walking over the several inches thick ice. And, "Yes, the Yaktraxs work." We did not slip once and if you don't slip you probably wil; not fall. Even in the hardest ice the traxs dug in, leaving little impressions in the ice as we walked.

"Why were we so dumb that we did not use these before," Nancy mused as we walked.

Not wanting to admit to being dumb I said nothing in reply.

My blood pressure has been quite high and I have been so upset about it. This evening after a walk that took about 1 1/2 hours it is totally perfect. I KNOW my bp stays down when I walk. Why have I been working with my nose on the proverbial grindstone instead of walking? I guess I just let all the ice discourage me. I never dreamed those Yaktrax worked so well on ice. I'll never be afraid of ice again if I have those on. In fact, I think I should do an advertisement for the product. You can buy them at Sunny's Surplus store and Hudson Trail Outfitters in Annapolis, MD and most likely in your own local outdoor shop. They are definitely better than increasing bp medication and much much better than falling and breaking something. This was the first day we were able to walk all the way up the Valley. It is just as lovely as we remembered it but with much less snow on the ground this year. However, even as I type there is a really heavy snow coming down and the weather prediction for the next week here has snow in the forecast two days plus temperatures in the 20's and 30's F. So..... We might get to tromp through the deep snow in the woods yet this year. The younger students here who don't know the habits of the local weather are all rather naively (I am afraid) thinking that spring is almost here. Ho Ho Prague winter is long but oh Prague spring is a marvelous thing. I need to get off the computer and Bill and
Layers of IceLayers of IceLayers of Ice

We think the layers of ice over the creek are very interesting.
I need to practice the 'skit' we are doing for tomorrow's talent show. If you know the book Amelia Bedelia, you will know how much laughter we hope to have as we act out that story. I have been borrowing props for the 'skit' from different friends here. We will tell you know much applause we get later. Well, we might not get any they may just boo us off the 'stage' for the silly puns. Thanks to my dear friend Jan we have the full text plus illustrations to share.

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6th March 2006

Walking in the Snow
This might be a bit tardy since we have been out of town a few days. I found this blog very exciting. Cal and I are both high on exercise to cure most ills! Good to know about the Yaktrax in case we climb an icy slope.

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