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September 10th 2009
Published: September 12th 2009
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The club!The club!The club!

the largest club in central europe, located 100 meters from the Charles Bridge.
Its my birthdayyy!!! 21.. in Prague. A little anticlimatic given I have been allowed to drink here for three years, but it turned out to be great! I woke up today and went to Bohemia Bagel.. a bagel and salad cafe. It is geared towards Americans because it had free refills for coffee (which is unheard of in Czech) and the service is very fast. In Prague, we only tip 10% or less because serves make more per hour. However, there is a downside... they take FOOREVER. Don't sit down at a restaurant in Prague and expect to be in and out. Not only are they slow, they bring your food out right when its ready unless you ask, so you may be done eating by the time your friend gets their food.. But anyway, Bohemia Bagel is geared towards Americans so a lot of Americans are there.. the food is great and the bottomless coffee is much appreciated 😊 After lunch, we went to the mall, where I had my first shopping experience in Prague.. The malls are actually very similar and you almost forget you are in Czech until you walk by a group of people not speaking a lick of English. Clothes in Czech are more expensive.. I bought a shirt at H&M which is also waay more expensive than in the US. And you knpw how all clothes stores for young people are the same in the US (e.g.: American eagle, hollister, abercrombie), well the same in Prague. Every store is like H&M or Forever 21. I am guessing all of Europe is like this.. When we got back from the dorm, I took a nap, and then got ready for my bday night! We went to the pub behind our dorm for dinner, then headed to St. NIcholas, our favorite pizza place downtown. And yes, we all did Absinthe shots, you can't go to Prague (especilly on your 21st bday) and not try it 😊 The bartender brought ten shots of absinthe to the table.. but we didn't know the proper european way, so the bartender had to show us. He took a spoonful of sugar, dipped it in the shot, then lit the sugar on fire and dropped it into the glass.. the whole glass lights on fire and its very dramatic. We then walked to the club, across the Charles Bridge. Unfortunately, it started POURING on the way, so when we arrived we were all soaked. So, we all scrunched out hair and made it curly. The club was five floors high. Each floor had a different genre of music.. techno, rap, rock, old school, and the top floor was closed. It was great. I met a group of British guys who bought me drinks for my birthday.. It was an amazing experience, and I am sure we will have many more like it!


12th September 2009

you're 21????!!!!!
Holy Crap Tori - I can't believe you're 21! What an awesome way to spend your birthday! When I told Weldon about the bartender giving you guys shots he's like "so she's drinking?" I had to remind him that you are now officially 21 and he said "No, she is not!" Yep we are officially old farts! LOL I hope you are having a great time (it sounds like you are). Enjoy your semester and try to do well in school with all your distractions! :) Hugs and kisses on your birthday! Annette OXOX
12th September 2009

Oh Tori! What an incredible 21st birthday!!!! Love, Mom

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