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February 20th 2006
Published: February 21st 2006
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In this city of buildings and churches that date back hundreds of years there is one church that, from the front, appears new and modern. In actuality the front is new and modern in design, but the rest of the building is quite old. This is the Emauzy Church. Emauzy is Czech for Emmas and this church is named for that Biblical town. The Benedictines founded the church in the 14th century and the monastery that stands beside the church. During World War II the Naxis gave complex to the Red Cross and during the Communist era it was used as governmental offices. A friend here gave me much of this information. Late during World War II, February 14th, 1945 to be exact, the church was damaged during an American bombing raid. There must have been other damage in Prague, but this is the only damage I have heard about.

In the late 1960's a distinctive twin, crossed spire was constructed. The spire, affectionately called, "The Mouse, can be seen from many parts of Prague. The spires are 32 meters high and are constructed of white concrete.

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