Heading to Praha eh? Tory's Top Ten Tips

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July 26th 2009
Published: July 26th 2009
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Heading to Praha eh? Tory's Top Ten Tips

Below are my top ten tips/things to see and do in Prague based on my 6 weeks in and around the city. However, before we get to the top 10, take this piece of advice. The FIRST thing you need to do once you get settled into your hotel/hostel is BUY A GOOD MAP and STUDY IT . Identify the places you want to go and which trams/buses/subways you need to take to get there. Believe me, this will save a lot of time wasted wandering and despite the signs it's easy to get lost in Prague. Buy daily, or maybe a combo of 3 day and daily, public transportation passes (there is a heavy fine if you get caught without a ticket, my friend payed $75 for hers). You can purchase passes at at any Tobaco store, which are abundant in Prague. If you do get lost, DO ask pedestrians for directions. Many speak English and will happily guide you in the right direction.

So we finally get to it. Tory's Top Ten places to see/things to do in Prague:

1. Dobrou Cajovna Teahouse A hidden jewel. Across from McDonalds and down an alleyway at Wenceslas Sqaure, Dobrou Cavojna is really cool and relaxing. It has this total zen design complete with the waiters dressed like monks and tea bells to order the tea. Plus the tea and food is really good! It's really quiet and quaint (better for one or two people) AND it's an artist cafe, filled with writers and musicians.

2. The Jewish Cemetary

3. A classical concert in a resonant venue. If they are in town (they tour during the summer), the acclaimed Prague Philharmonic is a must see!

4. Check out what festivals are going on in Prague. I think the music festival Prague Proms might still be going on, and I know depending on when you're going their supposed to be a lot of interesting things going on in August. There are many different types for all tastes. Plan your trip around them, believe me it's worth it.

5. If you have time and are with a group, the Prague Zoo is breathtaking and is one of the top zoos in the world. Lots of hills, so wear comfy shoes!

6. The Czech Republic has the highest concentration of castles compared to anywhere in the world, so make sure not to limit your castle experience to Prague Castle. Take a day trip to see the many castles that surround Prague. Your best bet is the Karlstein castle area west of Prague. You can even do a day bike tour there!.

7. There's a legendary Jazz Club in Prague where Louis Armstrong and a bunch of the greats have played. I never got a chance to go, but word of mouth says the live music there is great.

8. Try reading some Czech literature before and or during your time in Prague, it will really enhance your experience of the city. My personal favorite is Milan Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being." If comedy is more your thing, "The Good Soldier Schveck" is a Czech favorite

9. Learn the basic phrases and use Czech when you can. You'll notice Czechs will be much nicer to you, which could mean both potential friends and better service. Here's a start (the words are written for pronunciation, not spelling

Dobry den - hello
Nashledanou - goodybe
Dekwi (mots) - thank you very much
Prosim- please
S devoledum - excuse me (to get attention), excuse me (to get by)
Yak se mate? Dobshe dekuyi. How are you? Good, thank you.
voda neperlivou - water without gas
Uchet prosim - check please

10. Make sure to see Charles Bridge at both day and night times. In my opinion, I almost like Charles Bridge better at night as you don't notice the construction as much.

Hope that helps! Enjoy your time in Praha!


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