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September 21st 2008
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Train stationTrain stationTrain station

Inside the train station. Every one has a different color scheme.
So glad to finally be here... After 9 hours of being on planes we are finally here in the beautiful city of Prague. Everyone that has talked about the city has said that it is like nothing you have ever seen, and they are right.

The building are in great shape and the ornate details on each of the buildings makes you feel like you are in Paris. Nothing is left out on details. Even the manholes are ornately decorated. The train system is efficient and very clean for such a big city. I have attached pictures...

We have done quite a bit of walking on our first day - nearly 4 miles. Which also included a fair bit of shopping because it is so cold here - only about 45 degrees. The shopping is EXCELLENT!! The signage for all of the historical sites is in Czech so we have gotten lost every time so far. But everytime we run into another shopping district or another beautiful building to admire.

Friends have told me that the food is ok but very cheap and they are right. We had a pizza that most would consider a fairly large pizza
Sausage standSausage standSausage stand

These sausage stands are everywhere, with beer of course...
in the US, pasta and 4 glasses of wine for 18USD. Not bad! There is a pub on every corner almost and the beer is insanely cheap, like 1USD for a stein.

Will write more later. Hopefully I quickly learn the European keyboard that I am writing on since it has taken me over 15 minutest to just write this little bit.

Additional photos below
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We believe this is Prague castle, but did not have our guide book last night
Man holeMan hole
Man hole

In Prague, even the man holes are decorated

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